In today’s big city and fast-paced market, it is crucial to stand out and compete against the crowd. For this reason, ZeroRisk Cases is helping law firms maximize their chances of success with its Compliance Program.

Allentown, Pennsylvania (March 28, 2023): Lead generation can still be an alien concept for many law firms. Legal professionals aren’t always able to explore the true meaning of the process to grow their practice. This is because an unethical business standard is a key problem with many lead generators, especially those operating from offshore regions. There is a major lack of transparency when recruiting clients. ZeroRisk Cases®takes things a notch up to deliver 100% client satisfaction and helps attorneys make it through the oh-so-competitive industry scenario.

Leads are indeed the lifeblood of any company. High-quality customers, those that will add value, are even better. But getting leads is a lengthy and tricky process. One must invest time and resources to dig into the details and start having the right conversations. Plus, it is easy to get them to slip through the cracks.

But the ZeroRisk Compliance Program offers results that speak for themselves. The program helps attorneys cut through the noise of spam and false leads and grab actual leads in easy and meaningful ways. The team works to protect the professional’s liability against any false claims. They also eliminate all the administrative and busy work that keeps attorneys from connecting with new and genuine leads.

Ed Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A., President and Managing Partner of  ZeroRisk Cases®says, “All our lead generation is done internally. We do not use any third-party lead generation services. Our marketing team does all the creative and media buys. We also work to weed out false leads that keep a legal business from achieving greater heights.”

He further states how things really unfold: “All potential claimants responding to our marketing campaigns come into our US-based call centers to get legal help. All our ads are TCPA-compliant and pre-approved by our attorney clients. Based on the attorney criteria, our intake specialist signs up the claimant concluding the process with a signed digital retainer, forwarding it to the law firm.”

In addition, the intake specialists at ZeroRisk Cases®are all experienced nurses. They prepare all the necessary paperwork to be forwarded to the Compliance Department, where an expert completes the compliance call to the lead to confirm permission to be called by our attorney-client and review the upcoming process.  In addition, the Compliance Department then sends out the package to each claimant for a wet signature that must be notarized.

“Unlike other lead generators, we work hard to get leads that are as authentic as possible. We concentrate all our efforts on helping clients convert their leads into paying customers.

Furthermore, the entire digital package, along with the call recordings prepared by our compliance specialist, is shared with our attorney clients and their staff. Our clients have a minimum year-long access to these files via cloud storage.” adds Dr. Lott.

“What’s the deal breaker, our potential clients ask. We like to maintain utmost transparency with the ZeroRisk Compliance Program. Therefore, our intake specialists stay connected to the claimants to:

  • Set up a time to get Retainer, HIPPA, and other relevant documents signed and notarized
  • Ensure the wet signature documents are sent back
  • Schedule three-way communication to confirm the health diagnosis
  • Maintain contact and stay up-to-date with newer developments

The team also makes use of TrustedForm – the highest standard for unbiased third-party documentation proof of consent, so our clients have the protection they seek for acquiring clients. TrustedForm certification offers our attorney clients legal, fraud, and brand protection. It ensures that the signed claimants have agreed to be contacted for further discussion. This allows us to give our one hundred percent in creating a base that is true to the best of our knowledge and won’t cost the law firm their time and expenses.”

Implementing effective marketing solutions for lead acquisition is an investment. One needs to be tactful in their approach to drive the desired results. One mistake and the entire campaign comes crumbling down, seeing no significant results.

Reaching people interested in the services of a particular law firm and converting them into clients isn’t easy. But partnering with professionals is the key. From solo practitioners to larger firms, anyone can benefit from effective lead-generation strategies.

To learn more about the ZeroRisk Compliance Programfor generating high-quality, signed leads, interested attorneys can visit the company’s official website at

About ZeroRisk Cases

ZeroRisk Cases®is a client acquisition company with over 18 years of experience generating mass tort signed cases. The agency only delivers ready-to-litigate clients. The ZeroRisk Compliance Program gives absolute attention to obtaining high-value plaintiffs who are also vetted by their legal and medical teams for complete assurance. The ZeroRisk Cases®team helps law firms compete even against the big shots to expand their practice and add to their credibility while litigating for clients who seek justice for their injuries caused by a few negligent corporates.

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