We are about to share something controversial when we don’t want to add our bio. There are many things that must be said, but you have to do it anonymously for your own safety. Anonymity on the internet is a question itself. All our online activities are monitored by governments and powerful people. Besides, you can’t be sure if the publisher won’t reveal information about you. Here is what you should check before you decide to discourse anonymously on an online platform.

The Platform Must Have a Following

There is no point in taking the risk if no one is going to read it. Make sure the website you choose has thousands of visitors and a big social media following. It must also be legit and trustworthy. If it’s shady, none of its visitors would believe whatever they publish, no matter how useful or important information you share.

Do They Verify before Publishing the News?

If you want to test if the platform is trusted by its audience, you should see if they verify a piece of news or opinion before publishing it. If they publish every article they receive, that means they are not in it for the cause. If they are doing it just for the money, they would share your data if enough money is offered.

Will They Keep Your Identity Anonymous

You need to ask other people and see online reviews to see if you can trust them with your identity. You may use a disposable email to send them your article using a VPN, but even this information is more than enough to track you down.

Are They Strong Enough for This?

Even if they are respected and professional people who would never share information about their contributors with anyone, they also have to be strong enough for the job. Powerful people can force the information out of them if they are strong enough to face them.