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Vuuzle Media Corp, ( is a one-of-a-kind stand-alone free OTT platform. Its revenue model flourishes on AdTech. You can download the application from the apple app store, or on your iPhone or from your google play store. Vuuzle can also be downloaded from ROKU or be downloaded directly on any laptop, iPad or Computer. Vuuzle Studios just opened in Dubai with more than 500 people in attendance for the grand opening.

Before the pandemic the major film studios were extremely active.  The major film studios are located in Southern California. Warner Bros is in Burbank, California. Universal Studios, in universal city, California, Columbia Pictures in Culver City California, and paramount pictures in Hollywood California. Likewise, you will also find the likes of 20th century Fox, Walt Disney pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, and united artists all in the United states and in sunny California.

Hollywood is the Mecca of filmmaking. Thousands of would-be actors, screenwriters, and directors have always flocked to Los Angeles, California to fulfill their dreams of becoming a star because, after all, that’s where moviemaking happens. Everyone knows this and for close to a century, it was true. But today, Hollywood—the way we generally think of it—is fading away and going elsewhere.

For most of the 20th century, it was good to be Hollywood. There was no shortage of money and talent coming in the door. But over time, things began to change. As film technology made big advancements like broadcast TV in the 1950s and home video in the 1980s, the various roles in the film industry in California also saw surges in unionization. 

So, take the barriers and high costs in California, combine it with fewer and fewer people going to the movies anymore because of Mobile devices, OTT streaming over and the result is a shrinking profit margin for production studios. Something was bound to give. 

According to a recent UC Berkeley poll, about half of the people still living in California have considered leaving. When asked why, 71 percent cited the high cost of housing and 51 percent said it was because of the high tax burden. Now comes COVID 19 and Everything Shuts down. Entertainment entrepreneurs are fleeing as they seek refuge elsewhere. The exodus of talent (and tax dollars) from California won’t stop and distribution has now changed forever.  

Vuuzle Media Corp, Vuuzle Studios, and Vuuzle TV are now a fit for the new generation. Technology has changed the film and TV industry forever. The new Global film and television Giants have started emerging in other places around the world. Dubai is where all the big film companies seem to be going. Legoland is popular in Dubai, as is IMG Worlds of Adventure featuring Marvel heroes and Cartoon Network characters. 

Motiongate is a Hollywood-inspired theme park featuring DreamWorks, Columbia, and Lionsgate titles. All opened since 2016. Paramount is in the process of building a Hollywood-themed hotel in Dubai where the staff will be called Paramount Cast Members, and Hollywood movies will play in all the rooms, including the Godfather suite and the Great Gatsby suite. 

But what brings Hollywood production to the UAE are the tax breaks lavished on filmmakers to make movies in the Emirates. Star Trek Beyond, Syriana, City of Life, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Geo-Storm and Independence Day: Resurgence were all filmed in and around Dubai, famous for its space-agey skyline. And who can forget Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in which Tom Cruise climbs Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world – a stunt that took 23 days and required 400 crew members. 

Fast and Furious 7 was shot in Abu Dhabi which offers up to 30% in rebates for production. Pierce Brosnan was recently there in 2018 to shoot The Misfits, as were Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay for Netflix’s 6 Underground. According to Variety, the Middle East as a whole is among the top ten global markets for Hollywood, and the UAE counts about 17 million movie tickets sold annually, with Dubai a hub for local distribution, including Bollywood titles which do well given the large expatriate population living there. is an ad-supported streaming service with video content including news, entertainment, interviews, and first feature series. The service provides viewers with a live linear, TV-like experience that’s aligned with social video engagement trends, delivering the highly personalized, engaging experience that today’s audiences are looking for.

Yes, and with the new pandemic the control of Hollywood even lessons when distribution is lost. Everyone knows in Hollywood the key to success is distribution.  Unfortunately, the film industry lost as Theaters around the United States who distribute these films begin to close.  

So, fast forward January 2021 arrives, and Verizon announces the winner of the Verizon brand blazer innovation award. Verizon announced the awards on their web site. See this link and watch the video about how Vuuzle Media Corp became the winner for innovation.

 Vuuzle TV now controls its own distribution and is powered by free OTT streaming backed by programmatic advertising. Vuuzle studios makes live TV shows and films while our AdTech team in Las Vegas and Denver maximize build the technologies and secure ad fill rates. This entire application and the building of Vuuzle’s film and TV studios required a brilliant team of People. Moreover, the Project workflow that keeps Vuuzle content streaming in high-quality with seamless ad experience takes experience and good technology.

Vuuzle’s streaming service provides live events with real-time streaming features alongside video on demand content served up as a virtual, live linear channel. The on-demand content is tailored to each user’s personal taste, meaning that viewers can enjoy a 24/7 stream of entertainment that’s been packaged specifically for them.

The Verizon Media Platform has become an integral component of Vuuzle’s robust, client-managed workflow. Local producers can ingest high-quality video feeds via RTMP or other methods right from their production room MacBook’s directly into the Verizon Media Platform no matter where they are — all while managing ad-insertion locally.

Through Verizon Media Platform’s slicebot, Vuzzle has also uploaded over 6,000 videos on demand assets to date. Vuuzle empowers content partners to go live and direct to ad break seamlessly. With Vuuzle’s new enhancements through Verizon Media Platform, they’re paving the way for content partners to self-manage and schedule content, without centralized personnel involvement in production post-setup. Local production can now manage show production and ad breaks in SSAI, enabling more effective monetization of live streams, which have unpredictable ad breaks. The Vuuzle system also uses a unique methodology to support both SSAI and CSAI, resulting in maximum content monetization. Decentralized production takes advantage of lower costs in regions like Dubai where Vuuzle now has the only one of its kind Film and television studios.

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