Tvidler is a hygiene product that is used for cleaning ears. According to the supplier, it is an adequate replacement for cotton swabs, as the Tvidler simply removes the earwax – and even more thoroughly. While the wax can be pushed further and further into the ear canal by the cotton swabs and thus not be taken out completely, it is also not possible to clean completely with the sticks. The rods also carry a certain risk of damaging the inner ear, which can manifest itself in ringing in the ears, pain in the ear, dizziness and hearing loss. Tvidler is said to be free of all these disadvantages that cotton swabs can bring. The earwax remover is offered as a safe alternative. It has a spiral tip that is inserted into the ear. According to the supplier, the tip is not so long as to pierce the eardrum, and at the same time, it is soft enough not to injure the ear canal. Nevertheless, the spiral is firm enough to absorb the lard when it is turned in one direction after insertion into the ear canal and then pulled out again. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)


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Why do I need this ear cleaner?

Earwax is present in every human being. It moisturizes the skin in the ear canal, fights bacteria, removes dirt, dust and dead skin cells from the ear, and keeps insects from entering the ear canal. So basically, the lard has great benefits for human health, however, in larger quantities, it can also be a nuisance. Consequently, there are several solutions that serve to remove the wax from the ear canal, one of which is Tvidler. But why should you use the earwax remover instead of absorbent cotton sticks, drops or ear candles? According to the supplier, Tvidler is one of the gentlest yet most effective solutions currently available on the market. The hygiene product’s spiral-shaped silicone head is only long enough to remove even stuck wax, but not to damage the eardrum. This applies to both longer and shorter ear canals, he said. Thus, Tvidler can be used by women and men alike. Only in the case of children and people who suffer from certain diseases in the area of the ears, the use should first be discussed with a doctor or an ear, nose and throat specialist. Click here to discover the current discount!


Tvidler rating and recommendation

At first glance, Tvidler is an interesting product designed to clean the ears. Given the technical details of the earwax remover and the flexible, spiral silicone head, thorough and at the same time gentle cleaning of the ears is quite possible. However, it is important that the earwax remover does not pose any risk of injury. Although the spiral head is made of softer silicone and is not too long, however, a risk of injury cannot be ruled out 100 percent. Of course, this also applies to all other types of ear cleaning. If the earwax remover is used improperly, inserted too deeply and with force into the ears, or used in the case of diseases in or on the ear, this can of course have correspondingly negative consequences. You should definitely take this into account when using Tvidler, although as already mentioned, this residual risk is mainly due to the way it is used rather than the product itself. Of course, the silicone head is not simply inserted into the ear. It is first attached to a special plastic handle. According to the provider, this should have an ergonomic shape. So it should be possible for you to guide the earwax remover precisely. After use, the silicone head can be washed and reused the next time. In this respect, the earwax remover is not only a useful hygiene product. It is also less harmful to the environment than classic cotton swabs.


Tvidler technical facts

  • removes earwax
  • protects against earwax deposits
  • flexible head with spiral grooves
  • head made of high quality plastic/silicone
  • handle made of plastic- length: 12.6 centimeters
  • width: 1.5 centimeters
  • length of tip: 3.2 centimeters
  • ergonomic design
  • no damage to the ear canal
  • silicone head washable and reusable


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What are the Tvidler quality features?

Quality features in the form of seals and certificates do not exist for the Tvidler to all appearances. The provider does not publish any features on its website. Customers have to fully trust the quality promise of the provider here. At least you get a money-back and satisfaction guarantee for a period of 30 days after your order arrives. So, if you are not satisfied with the Tvidler and its quality, you can return it to the vendor and claim your money back, considering the return policy.


General Tvidler reviews

Some customers who have already bought and tested Tvidler have their say on the provider’s website. The reviews are consistently positive. In most cases, five out of five stars are awarded. In addition to the star rating, the users also provide reviews. In these, it is reported that it is a high-quality product that ensures positive results. Some customers even speak of “the best ear cleaner” that they have tried so far. The application is comfortable and uncomplicated, the ears are cleaned thoroughly and the risk of injury is minimized. The supplier and its reliability and the fast delivery time are also mentioned positively again and again. Visit the supplier website to see more customer reviews!


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Where can I order Tvidler?

Tvidler can be a useful alternative to cotton swabs and the like. If you want to buy the earwax remover, you can do so on the website of the official supplier. Here you can learn everything about the hygiene product and also get a discount of 50 percent on your order. With the purchase of a Tvidler you also get six silicone heads, because you should replace the heads after some time of use for hygiene reasons. You can choose whether you want to try out just one Tvidler or buy two, three or four right away. You may also want to order the earwax remover for your whole family. For the sake of hygiene, you should buy a separate Tvidler for each family member. Once you have decided on an order quantity, you then enter your first and last name, your e-mail address and your telephone number in the fields provided. Then you have to enter the desired shipping address. Once this is done, you will be informed about the additional shipping costs. Now you can choose your preferred payment method. You can choose between PayPal and the credit cards Visa and Mastercard.


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Who is the provider of the product?

UAB Ekomlita

Gedimino Str. 45-7Kaunas




Phone: +1 (205) 782-8606


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General information about ear cleaner

Earwax can cause ear blockage from time to time. More precisely, such cases are referred to as earwax blockage. However, the symptoms of such a blockage do not always have to be the same. Here it depends on how much wax has accumulated over what period of time. In some cases, ear blockage is also caused by ear infections – in this case, cleaning the ears with Tvidler or other ear cleaners will not help and a doctor must be consulted. Among the possible symptoms that can occur as a result of earwax blockage, i.e. ear blockage caused by lard are a feeling of fullness in the ear and the discharge of fluid from the ear, especially in the early stages. Itching and clicking noises in the ears as well as in the sinuses may also occur. Later in the course, dizziness may occur as well as ear pain. Over time, tinnitus, eg. unpleasant whistling noises in the ears, as well as partial hearing loss may occur.

So earwax blockage is no fun at all, and so most people set out to avoid earwax blockage as much as possible. For this purpose, various home remedies such as cotton swabs, ear candles or over-the-counter ear cleaning systems are used. But this is where the problem lies: the most commonly used product for removing wax is cotton swabs. Yet they are the ones that are often responsible for the blockage. This is because they push the lard deeper into the ear canal with each application until it accumulates there and hardens. Of course, other products that are pushed into the ear canal and have a similar structure to cotton swabs, such as in-ear headphones, hearing aids or earplugs, also contribute to this. Using these products can result in more earwax accumulating in the ears and the wax being pushed deeper and deeper into the ear canal. Thus, it can no longer flow out on its own and eventually clogs the ears, which can lead to the symptoms mentioned above. However, in addition to cotton swabs, there are other products that are inserted into the ear to remove wax, namely hygiene products such as Tvidler. Thanks to their spiral head, they do not push the lard deeper into the ear canal. When the spiral is rotated, it picks up the lard and transports it to the outside by pulling out the spiral head. However, it is important when using these ear cleaners that no pressure is applied and that the product is only inserted as far into the ear canal as is just possible without pressure. In addition, they must explicitly not be used if there is a disease in the area of the ears.

If you suffer from a particularly severe earwax blockage, you will recognize this by the corresponding advanced symptoms. In this case, you should definitely consult a doctor or ear, nose and throat specialist. He or she can dissolve the blockage or provide you with an appropriate therapy. In the case of mild blockages, the doctor should also be consulted. In this case, however, the combination of good ear drops with a product such as Tvidler can provide the desired solution to the blockage – at least this is what the provider states. To prevent such a disturbing and unpleasant blockage from occurring again later, the ears should be cleaned regularly – ideally several times a week. Cleaning the ears should always be done gently. After all, the ears don’t have to be squeaky clean; after all, earwax also has important functions for the ears. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!


Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: How does the earwax remover work?
  • A: Tvidler consists of an elongated handle and a spiral head that attaches to the handle. Gently insert the spiral head into your ear canal without applying pressure and turn it clockwise. This will “trap” the lard in the notches of the spiral and you can remove the Tvidler. Afterwards, you can wash off the spiral head and put it back on the handle for the next application.
  • Q: How reliable is the earwax remover?
  • A: The first few times you use the Tvidler, you may find that you barely remove any lard from your ears. This is because the hygiene product has to soften the wax first. After a few days or a few weeks of use, the softened lard is then gradually transported out of the ear canal with each use. If this is not the case for you, it is possible that there is hardly any lard in your ear. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use the Tvidler several times a week.
  • Q: How is the Tvidler different from cotton swabs?
  • A: As a general rule, cotton swabs should not be used for cleaning ears. Even the manufacturers of the swabs say so in the safety instructions on the back of the package. The swabs push the lard deeper and deeper into the ear until it collects in the area of the eardrum. Each subsequent use pushes more lard backward, causing it to condense and form what is called a plug. This can lead to tinnitus and ear pain, hearing loss, uncomfortable sensations in the ear and discharge from the ear. The Tvidler, on the other hand, is designed to remove the wax from the ear and not push it further and further into the ear. Thus, cleaning is not only more efficient, but also more gentle and less risky.
  • Q: How is the Tvidler different from ear drops?
  • A: Ear drops are considered an effective method for removing earwax. This has been scientifically proven. However, ear drops have to be bought again and again, as one bottle is usually only enough for a few applications. In addition, the procedure is comparatively cumbersome: First, the drops must be placed in the ear. Then you have to wait a few minutes for the drops to take effect, and finally the dissolved earwax has to be poured out and the ears rinsed. All this is eliminated with Tvidler. You simply use the product several times a week, which takes a maximum of two minutes per application and, according to the provider, is similarly effective to ear drops. However, if the accumulation of earwax is very strong, the provider recommends the combination of ear drops and Tvidler.
  • Q: How is the Tvidler different from earwax candles?
  • A: According to the supplier, the effectiveness of earwax candles is rather doubtful. Also, since fire must be handled here, he advises against using the candles. In addition, the application of Tvidler is ultimately more convenient.


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