CaseMark AI, Inc. Launches Workflow Empowering Legal Professionals with AI-Powered Productivity Tools

Portland, OR – August 7, 2023 – CaseMark AI, Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the legal industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Workflow solution. This innovative, GPT-4 powered tool, available today as a Microsoft Word Addin and Chrome Browser Extension, is set to transform the way legal professionals work, streamlining document creation, research, and workflow management.

CaseMark Workflow, available today for free, empowers legal professionals to integrate AI-powered suggestions, templates, and automated formatting features within their preferred environments. Now attorneys can combine their research, drafting and AI-assisted suggestions into easy document drafting.

“We are excited to unveil our Workflow solution, which represents a significant milestone in our journey to bring AI-powered productivity tools to the legal industry,” said Scott Kveton, CEO of CaseMark AI, Inc. “This release is our first foray into building tools for the legal industry that lean heavily into AI. In the coming months we’ll have a series of products that will redefine not only how work gets done in the legal profession but also how AI is leveraged to do it.”

CaseMark AI, Inc. recognizes the immense potential of AI in transforming the legal field. With Workflow, legal professionals can expect increased efficiency, improved document quality, and enhanced collaboration capabilities. By automating time-consuming tasks and providing intelligent suggestions, Workflow enables legal professionals to focus on higher-value work, ultimately delivering better outcomes for their clients.

“The legal industry is experiencing a truly profound shift and while it is an exciting time to be building, it is creating serious uncertainty and fear around what the future holds. For the first time technology is not dictating process for attorneys. Our goal in bringing Workflow to market is to start the conversation with legal professionals and build long-lasting relationships that help them navigate this ever changing landscape as partners. This is the first step towards driving positive change within the industry and building trust amongst an industry traditionally skeptical with what technology can do for them.”

CaseMark AI, Inc.’s Workflow solution is the first of a series of innovative products planned for release, as the company continues to pave the way for AI-powered advancements in the legal profession.

“The release of ChatGPT was a lightning rod moment for AI. However, we’re learning now that a single, monolithic large language model is not the answer to everyone’s problems, especially for attorneys. Hallucination is not an option. With the right platform, uniquely crafted, finely-tuned LLMs can deliver significantly more value than ever before. We are really excited about what is on the horizon.”

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CaseMark AI, Inc. is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in the legal industry. With a commitment to transforming legal workflows through community efforts like our and our innovative platform, CaseMark AI, Inc. aims to empower legal professionals with cutting-edge AI tools that streamline processes and deliver exceptional results.

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