Shopping online is about to get even more intense (if that is even possible.) TikTok is gearing up to open an online shop for U.S. customers, according to a Semafor report. Let’s face it – there are always tempting influencer recommendations and viral products and now they’ve made it even easier to access everything you want.

What TikTok’s online shop may look like

TikTok has been actively working on becoming an e-commerce platform. The company  has been testing and implementing various features, such as adding shopping links to videos, enabling in-app purchases, and partnering with brands to promote products, with the aim of turning TikTok into a shopping destination. But the new TikTok store will allegedly be a beast of its own.

“The storefront would live inside the TikTok app under an e-commerce tab. An array of curated items as well as products listed for sale through TikTok Shop, its existing in-app shopping feature, would be for sale. The feature could launch as soon as next month,” according to The Verge. TikTok would even carry its own inventory – think toys and kitchen items – and be handling operations like logistics and customer service, sources told Semafor.

The most viral products on TikTok vary over time as trends come and go, but some product categories have consistently gained popularity on the platform, such as beauty and skincare, fashion, home and lifestyle, and DIY and crafts. It wouldn’t be unlikely for TikTok to start carrying some of these products in its in-house store.

The benefits of shopping on TikTok

Why bother shopping on the app? There are a few benefits. TikTok does provide a seamless and immersive shopping experience. You can discover products and make purchases within the app, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. TikTok’s algorithm also tailors product recommendations based on your interests and preferences, enhancing the personalized shopping experience.

Additionally, the platform often features unique and trendy products, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and discover new items. TikTok also fosters a sense of community, as you can engage with content creators, read reviews, and participate in live shopping events.

Leveraging credit cards to shop online

It’s so easy to have your card information saved on your phone or computer and mindlessly shop while scrolling through social media. Before pulling the trigger on a TikTok purchase, check out Credello’s choice of best credit cards for online shopping. You might as well get some perks when adding yet another moisturizer to your shopping cart.

When selecting a credit card with online shopping in mind, prioritize features like strong security measures, enhanced purchase protection, and rewards or cashback programs. Look for cards with robust fraud detection, real-time transaction monitoring, extended warranty coverage, purchase protection, and tailored rewards for online purchases. And, above all, spend intentionally and responsibly.

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