Gone are the days of solely relying on personal savings or traditional loans to embark on dream trips. Crowdfunding has emerged as a new tool for wanderlust-driven individuals to gather financial support from their community to fund trips.

With the rise of niche crowdfunding platforms, people can share their travel plans and fundraising goals with friends, family, and even strangers, regardless of their geographic location. The best crowdfunding sites for individuals are user-friendly and easily customizable while fostering a sense of connection between the people raising funds and the ones backing them. Check out the options below if you’re looking to gather support to turn a vacation into a reality.


FundMyTravel specifically focuses on travel fundraising. It provides a platform to create campaigns and raise funds for trips, study abroad programs, volunteer opportunities, and other travel-related endeavors.


TravelStarter allows users to create campaigns to raise funds for their travel adventures, documentary productions, and other travel-related initiatives. The platform offers features tailored to the travel community, such as special perks and access to a social network of travelers.


GoFundMe is a widely recognized crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to raise funds for various purposes, including personal travel expenses. Users can create campaigns and share their stories to seek financial support from friends, family, and the general public.


Indiegogo is a versatile crowdfunding platform that supports a wide range of projects, including travel initiatives. Users can create campaigns to raise funds for travel-related projects, such as trips, volunteer opportunities, or documentary productions.


Unlike traditional wedding registries or honeymoon funds, Hitchd focuses on providing an experience-based platform that allows couples to curate a personalized honeymoon fund.

With Hitchd, couples can create a dedicated campaign page where they can share their love story, wedding details, and their desired honeymoon destination and activities. They can also set specific goals and milestones, allowing supporters to contribute towards different aspects of their trip,


Plumfund offers a user-friendly interface, customizable campaign pages, and the ability to receive funds directly. It also offers flexible funding options, such as cash gifts and experiences, making it convenient for travelers who want to finance their adventures while engaging with their supporters.

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