Tarot card readings are a form of fortune telling which has been around for centuries. Analyzing the different tarot cards has been used as a way to predict the future and also help better understand past events. There are 78 cards in the tarot deck, each with a different interpretation and meaning. Understanding what the cards mean is a complex process and there are many factors which will contribute to a successful reading.

The tarot card deck consists of 56 minor arcana cards and 22 major arcana cards, each representing different elements of your life. The major arcana cards can help you learn about the effect that past events have had on your life which may be influencing your present situation. The minor arcana cards have more of a supportive role during a tarot reading. These cards are divided into four suits, each representing a different part of your personality and how it influences your daily life.

Daily tarot readings are a great way to learn more about yourself and gain the clarity you need to understand the experiences in your day to day life. By selecting a daily tarot card each day, you will gain insights into the energy that surrounds you and find the guidance you need to face any issues you may be dealing with. In today’s technology driven world, you now have instant access to trusted tarot card readers of your choice to provide you with these daily insights at the touch of a button. As many of the best psychics mentioned: Online tarot apps are increasing in popularity as they provide a convenient way to tap into this insightful world without needing to even leave the comfort of your home.

If you are looking to access the wisdom of tarot cards and tarot guides in a fun and easy way, check out the 3 top trusted tarot card apps below. They are each highly recommended and held in high regard by the thousands of customers who have used them. They are all free to download and are available on both iOS and Android devices.

#1 Tarot Reading


This online tarot app is loved by thousands of tarot card enthusiasts worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and great design make it a pleasant and fun app to use. It provides easy to understand readings so that you can really grow from the knowledge you gain. There are a variety of interactive features including daily tarot cards, three card spread, and yes/no tarot, plus live sessions with a tarot guide. There is a huge selection of tarot readers to choose from so you are sure to find one you connect with. To really make sure you find the perfect tarot reader for you, you will get three free minutes with each new tarot guide you speak to. There is also a satisfaction guarantee so you can rest assured that this app is concerned about your best interests and providing you with a positive experience.

The reviews rave about the accuracy of the app. You will also find very detailed descriptions about the tarot cards so this is a fantastic app even for beginner tarot card enthusiasts. All your readings are safe and confidential, and you are able to go back over the transcripts so you can continue to grow from the information you have received.

#2 Tarot Cards


This is the ultimate online tarot app with extensive features which will keep you engaged every day. Start your day off with a daily tarot card providing interesting insights into your day ahead. You can then select an additional three tarot cards to delve deeper into your love, financial and spiritual life. With a huge selection of online tarot readers, get your tarot read professionally for even deeper insights about all aspects of your life. You get a free trial period with each new reader you chat to which is a great way to gauge if you really connect with your tarot card reader. A strong connection makes for a better reading.

The insights do not stop there. You will also have free access to the full tarot deck as well as the opportunity to get an accurate yes/no reading from the tarot cards. Everything related to tarot cards is found in this easy to use app, helping you find your true path in life.

#3 Love Tarot Readings


If you’re looking for love or if you have already found it, tarot cards are a fantastic way to get insights into your love life and relationship. Love tarot readings help you discover the current status of your love life and can help you resolve possible conflicts in your relationship. Through tarot cards, you can nurture your relationship by embracing the positive aspects while gaining a better understanding of the areas which require more work. The daily tarot card can help you find out what the day has in store for you.

This app has many exciting, interactive features including drawing 10 cards, three cards, or one card from the tarot deck which will provide you with interesting insights into all of your questions about love. Reviews rave about the non-judgemental guidance customers have received from the numerous trusted tarot readers available on this app. You can get an online love tarot reading any time of the day or night with a free trial period with each new reader you speak to.

The Benefits Of A Tarot Reading

Life is a constant journey towards self-discovery. We are constantly learning and growing through each of the actions we decide to take in our daily life and the people we surround ourselves with. However, in order to reach our full potential, it is important to take the time for self reflection. This is where the tarot cards can help us. Tarot cards can help give you the motivation and understanding you need to identify your true purpose in life and keep you moving towards this goal.

A tarot card reading can help you gain a better perspective of your life so that you can understand the choices you need to make to find your path to happiness. Identity the areas of your life which need improvement so that you can reach your full potential and find the contentment and peace you are searching for with a professional tarot card reading.

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