While your credit score may be the biggest factor in determining your credit limits, there are ways you can “hack” your chances of getting a more generous line of credit by simply choosing the right cards. But which cards are the easiest to get a high limit on? Here are a few of our favorites.

How we determined the best credit limits

The credit limits reported here are directly from holders and are not publicly given by credit card issuers. There may be a bit of the “Honor System” here, so don’t feel bad if the credit limit you have is lower than what you see here.

Also, keep in mind that credit limits are often determined by numerous factors, including your credit score, relationship with the lender, and approval odds for getting a credit limit increase on a pre-existing card. Very few of these reported limits were the initially offered amounts and are most likely the result of a long-standing history with the lender and incremental improvements to credit scores over time.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Annual Fee: $95 + $0 for each authorized user

Highest credit limit reported: $50,000 (Source: Quora)

The Sapphire Preferred is the “lite” version of Chase’s premium Sapphire Reserved and has a few of the same perks without the hefty annual fee. The Sapphire Preferred offers annual hotel credits, primary car rental insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and a complimentary DoorDash DashPass subscription.

2. Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

Annual Fee: $550 + $75 for each authorized user

Highest credit limit reported: $80,000 (source: myFICO)

If you’d rather “go big or go home,” the Sapphire Reserve is an excellent card for travel enthusiasts. Not only does it have more generous benefits than the Sapphire Preferred (like VIP access to events, Priority Pass Select membership, TSA PreCheck/NEXUS/Global Entry credits, and a $300 annual travel credit), but it’s part of the Visa Infinite program which guarantees a minimum credit limit of $10,000.

3. The Platinum Card by American Express

Annual Fee: $695 + $175 for up to 3 authorized users

Highest credit limit reported: Unlimited

The Platinum Card is more of a hybrid charge/credit card that offers incredible benefits for its “members.” As a charge card, it has no preset spending limit, but you may need to speak with a customer service specialist before making any large purchases to ensure it goes through. Qualified members also have the option to pay over time for purchases over a certain amount (dependent on credit score and relationship with Amex) which gives cardholders the benefit of converting their purchases into being treated as made on a credit card and can be paid back over time, protecting your credit score from getting hit with late payment notices. The Platinum Card’s benefits were originally designed for frequent travelers, but American Express has since expanded its perks to include more than just travel.

Perks include a $200 annual hotel credit, $200 annual airline credit, complimentary access to Delta SkyClubs and the Centurion Lounges, NEXUS/Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit, CLEAR Plus credit, and $200 annual Uber cash. For those who aren’t into travel, the Platinum Card also includes a $100 annual Saks credit, complimentary Walmart+ membership, monthly digital entertainment credit, and $300 Equinox credit that can be used for either in-person or on-demand classes.

The bottom line

Your credit score is the most significant factor for determining the credit limits you’re eligible for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hedge your bets by getting cards that tend to have higher starting limits than others. While they might come with some hefty annual fees, the perks often more than makeup for it, especially if you plan on using your card for travel in the future.

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