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  • The article’s content and images must be original.
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To get your articles published on, you must strictly follow the requirements below.

  1. Your content or article must be 100% original and new.
  2. The article must be your own work and not already published online.
  3. Once published on our website, the article cannot be re-published anywhere.
  4. Articles should be copyright-free Marketing rewrites are prohibited.
  5. Articles must be 1000 words or longer and contain no needless outbound links.
  6. Only 1-2 links per article.
  7. We reserve the right to alter, update, or delete the article.
  8. We do not pay writers for guest posts.
  9. Your post must be authored specifically for
  10. The content should be interesting and related to the topic.
  11. If you are offering info-graphics, you must provide a 250-300 word introduction.
  12. Check if the topics you’re sending have been published on
  13. Include photos to help represent the topic.
  14. Ensure you share copyright and usage rights.
  15. Send articles in MS Word or Google Doc format.
  16. Scrapped contents on are not accepted.
  17. To write for us, you must follow the article guidelines.

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