Lung cancer, many might think, is the end of the world for them. Cancer in general elicits feelings like that; but that should not be the case. People do recover from cancer. No matter how aggressive the spread may be, we take a look at the best supplements for lung cancer it can be halted and even bought back to remission.

And each and every element in this journey plays a part; from chemotherapy and radiation to a positive mindset that allows a person to believe that cancer isn’t the end of them. And so, with this in mind that will not only aid you in your fight against cancer but will also actively look to build and repair what is damaged during chemotherapy and radiation sessions.

Your Diet Help You Fight Lung Cancer

When we talk about supplements for lung cancer, we obviously mean the things you should be including in your diet, and concurrently the things that you should be removing from your diet. Considering that the tumor is essentially a packet of cells growing, multiplying by the minute, it is important to utilize both passive and active remedies; active being chemotherapy, radiation and the best supplements for lung cancer, and passive being the things you avoid consuming that would otherwise help with the growth of the tumor. So, with that being said, lets take a look at some of the best supplements for lung cancer.

What Should Someone With Lung Cancer Eat

As a general rule of thumb, cancer patients are usually given a diet that focuses more on replenishing the energy and body mass lost due to intensive sessions of chemotherapy and radiation, not to mention with an emphasis on vegetables and herbs, that allow for a relatively better energy supply along with fiber, and lots of other healthy vitamins and nutrients (minerals and salts) that help the cancer patient stay healthy and strong, all the while combating the tumor.

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What Are Supplements?

Supplements that contain vitamins, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, or other ingredients, and are taken orally to supply missing nutrients, as in the case of a vitamin supplement

The Best Supplements For Lung Cancer

Here is the List of Best Supplements For Lung Cancer


One of the most touted supplements for lung cancer is ginsenoside, which, as you might be able to decipher, is a derivative of the ginseng root, long hailed in Chinese alternative medicine as a ‘miracle root’. And there is some reason to see why. 

Ginsenosides are active anticancer agents that are used as adjuvant antigens; that is, they bolster the immune system against antigens that cancer treatment can develop in the body. It is among the foremost of the best supplements for lung cancer.

There are many types of ginsenosides; Rh2, Rg3, Rk2, Rh3, aPPD and Rg5. All of these have different levels of efficacy and efficiency, with the most potent one being the aPPD, Rk2 and Rh3. So, if you are looking for supplements for lung cancer, your best choice would be these three. 


You might know about melatonin already; those with sleeping disorders or who have had trouble sleeping might be very familiar with it. It is basically the hormone that lets the brain relax and sleep, allowing us to conk out as well. Called the sleep hormone and the relaxation hormone, melatonin helps us calm down and relax, which is a state very much preferred by people going through cancer treatments.

As you might know, a positive mood and cheerful disposition and outlook is deemed necessary for recovery of cancer patients, which is exactly what melatonin provides you. For supplemental uses, melatonin comes in the form of chewable tablets, and so, you can take these supplements for lung cancer and they will help you stay relaxed and above all, will keep you in a positive mental state, as it is one of the predisposed requirements of a successful treatment that will allow the cancer to go into remission.


Probiotics are basically the exact opposites of antibiotics; whereas the latter eliminates the harmful bacteria from the body, probiotics are cultures of useful bacteria that aid in digestion. You might ask yourselves; what is the connection of digestion with lung cancer? Well, chemotherapy and radiation are the two aspects of medication that take its toll on the body, and probiotics help ease one of the ways the patient can actually sustain themselves, by aiding in the process of digestion. 


Many people actually swear by multivitamins, but there is actually a proper way to utilize them. Many medical professionals will actually advise you against it, especially considering that many elements and minerals in it might be conducive for the cancerous mass to actually expand. However, a single multivitamin tablet a day might actually be helpful. So, do just that, and not any more than that. These include Vitamin D and E.

just that, and not any more than that. These include Vitamin D and E.

Some Of The Commonly Asked Questions

People regularly ask questions related to the Supplements For Lung Cancer.

What Are The Best Foods to Fight Lung Cancer?

While nothing beats treatment using chemotherapy or radiation, several foods do actually help with the treatment and the overall health of the cancer patient. For starters, red meat is to be avoided and replaced with fish, white and lean meats.

What Is The Best Way To Fight Lung Cancer?

 Best ways to  fight lung cancer is by regularly attending chemotherapy and radiation sessions and keep a healthy and cheery overall mood as it always helps the patient. If surgery is recommended in the case, having it is always better as in some cases, this can shrink the tumor down 90 per cent, which can further increase the odds of the patient beating cancer and going on to live a happy, healthy life.