2087 stepping stone medical shares perks of certified assistant training

Technical school Stepping Stone Medical shares five reasons to consider becoming a certified medical assistant.

A part of the North Carolina Community College System, Stepping Stone Medical is the Iredell County city of Statesville’s premier technical school for those looking to embrace a career in healthcare. Celebrated for its ever-growing range of courses, among its most popular right now are the school’s certified medical assistant classes.

“Are you ready to start a career in the medical field? If so, here are five reasons to consider becoming a certified medical assistant,” says a member of the Stepping Stone Medical team, speaking from the technical school’s campus in Statesville, North Carolina.

According to the school’s team, the number of vacant healthcare sector jobs is increasing faster than ever. “The healthcare industry as a whole is quickly growing, and the same is true of the need for medical assistants,” they explain, sharing the first of their handful of perks as far as considering a career as a certified professional in the same field.

Indeed, as recently reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant jobs are projected to increase by almost 30 percent between now and 2026. This projection is over four times above the national average of just seven percent.

Next, Stepping Stone Medical‘s representative turns to the ease with which interested individuals can enter the profession. “Medical assisting jobs are highly accessible, especially when compared to other medical careers that can involve years of studying at college,” they reveal. “With us, you can become a certified medical assistant in less than nine months, thanks to our blend of laboratory, classroom, and online work.”


Marketability a major bonus, says Stepping Stone Medical

Meanwhile, a third perk centers around the marketability of medical assistant certification, the school suggests. Having completed Stepping Stone Medical’s training, students are nationally certified in all 50 states through the National Healthcare Association. “This credential isn’t required by all employers,” a member of the team points out, “but it unquestionably has the potential to bolster your marketability in the field.”

Next, and reason number four to consider becoming a certified medical assistant, is the option for graduating students to work in a variety of different settings.

“Where there are physicians, there are medical assistants who help to make things happen,” explains the training school’s representative. “You might be the type of person that enjoys variety, or you may just be content with finding the ideal fit for you within the profession,” they go on. “Well, don’t worry, because as a certified medical assistant, you’ll have plenty of options.”

Finally, the Stepping Stone Medical team touches briefly on all-important career stability. “The career itself is inherently stable, too,” they point out, sharing the last of their five highlighted perks, “with a continued need for phlebotomists, nurses, and medical assistants alike, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”