Schaeffer’s Investment Research Recommends Investors Follow These News Sites and Programs

When it comes to investing, knowledge is power. And the right insights might lead to profits. That’s why the team at Schaeffer’s Investment Research is going to recommend some of their favorite sources of information.

If you’re investing, it’s wise to pay close attention to the news and to study markets closely. The right insights now could save you from losses later on and may boost your bottom line. Investors should follow current events while also understanding the markets and investment vehicles they’re investing in. The team at Schaeffer’s Investment Research is going to share some of their favorite sources of information.

“Many brokers, like TD Ameritrade, offer a lot of investing information for beginners. Investopedia is a good site too, but it’s best to check a few sites and to compare what they say,” a spokesperson for Schaeffer’s Investment Research says. “There’s a lot of incorrect information out there.”

If you’re completely new to investing, it’s smart to sign up for classes at your local community college or online. A structured class may help you grow as an investor. That said, investors need to know a low more than investing basics. Following current events, for example, is also important.

“The Wall Street Journal is perhaps the most popular investing news source in the US,” says a spokesperson for Schaeffer’s Investment Research. “The Financial Times is also a great news source for investors. Bloomberg News, and in particular Bloomberg Businessweek, are good for current event news as well.”

While following business news is smart, it’s also wise to keep a pulse on politics. Decisions by the government can have a major impact on financial markets. Often, business news sites track government decisions, but it’s smart to also check the Washington Post, Politico, and other news sources that focus on politics.

If the government launches a new stimulus program, for example, stock markets could rise. On the other hand, if the U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates, markets may cool. By following politics, you can keep an eye on important macro trends.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Says These Investment-Specific Sites and Services Are Great

One of the most popular investment websites specifically for investors is Seeking Alpha, which is a crowd-sourced site. This means just about anyone, including private investors, can share insights and analysis. You’ll find a vast variety of articles on Seeking Alpha, however, you need to be cautious.

“Seeking Alpha is an interesting website, but you should treat the articles as opinions,” a spokesperson from Schaeffer’s Investment Research says. “The articles often aren’t fact-checked, and the people publishing may not be professional investors. That said, you can find a lot of interesting insights on the site.”

If you’re investing in specific instruments like futures and options, it’s also smart to sign up for services from research firms that specialize in these assets.

“We provide options updates and news updates that could impact options specifically because it’s hard to find good niche information on more general websites like the Wall Street Journal,” a spokesperson from Schaeffer’s Investment Research says. “By providing options-specific information, we can help investors better utilize these financial vehicles.”