Robin Spann shares some fun facts about American musical theatre.

1. An interesting blend of musical theater terms

Robin Spann says that there are certain words you can associate with musical theater, such as lyrics, music, and the book. The former refers to the lines that actors sing, while the book is to the actual musical parts that performers speak. Putting these two words together gives you a libretto. If you add music and lyrics, you’ll have the score.

2. Multi-purpose

Robin Spann adds that musical theater productions are more than a form of entertainment. Musical creators can use many ways to express themselves, including set design, musical composition, acting, and costuming. Plays can also challenge specific and controversial political and cultural issues and let the audience ponder the hot topics.

3. American musical theater is still young

According to Robin Spann, George M. Cohan-the American composer and dramatist-is thought to have pioneered the first authentic American musicals in the early 20th century. Before then, Europe’s musicals dominated American theater. Cohan’s material was unique because the characters had an American outlook and used music and lyrics with slang and natural conversation.

4. All-round musical theater actor

As Robin Spann notes, keep updating yourself with new trends to be a successful musical theater actor. Reading other plays besides the ones you’re playing makes you a versatile actor, leading to more acting opportunities. Robin Spann also says that listening to the radio and watching the news can help you stay up-to-date on the current news.

5. Reaching Broadway is the ultimate achievement.

Every aspiring musical theater actor wants to make it to Broadway, which is the pinnacle of success. However, Robin Spann says that the road to Broadway is long and tough, demanding hard work, commitment, persistence, and a positive attitude.

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