It’s been a tough year, to say the least! And many Northern Virginia businesses have had work-from-home policies ongoing for a while now. As you plan on welcoming staff, visitors and customers back to the office, now might be a great time to do some office revival and rejuvenation. And the easiest, and most cost-effective way to do that is by giving your office décor a face lift. You may want to start with the furniture, and consult with an expert in interior design in Northern Virginia before you make any major decisions.

Fresh Impressions with Office Furniture

Whether you are a back office focused business, where staff work diligently to support your operations; or a customer-facing business, with showrooms, reception areas and customer lounges – furniture matters:

– Employees who are comfortable at their desks and in their offices will be more productive – and the furniture they use contributes to that productivity

– Functional office furniture helps staff get more done, and with less stress

– Stylish office furniture at Northern Virginia businesses give a favorable impression to clients and visitors alike – it makes them think a business truly values their presence

Sure, a fresh coat of paint, or a new rug or carpet may do wonders to a space. But employees, customers and visitors typically don’t interact with those aspects of a space to much. And, after the initial few interactions, the novelty wears off. But with desks, sofas, conference tables, lounge and lobby furniture, it’s different. Carefully thought-out interior design by Northern Virginia businesses deliver long-term favorable results. Because they’re constantly used, the impressions they produce continually impress the users!

Don’t Just “spend” …Invest!

It’s a misnomer to think of how much you “spent” on uplifting your premises with stylish, functional and fashionable furniture. Using trendy and practical furniture designs to revive your office space, show rooms or customer service facilities isn’t an “expense”. Because these assets serve a longer-term purpose, they are an investment in the company, and not something you write-off as a cost item.

The multi-dimensional impacts of ergonomically-designed furniture, for instance, pays off with heightened employee satisfaction and productivity. And, elegant showroom or exhibition center furniture makes visitors feel good about doing business with you – turning prospects into paying customers!

Partnering for Success

Not every piece of furniture – even if it’s customized for you – might fit well with your organization. For instance, adding new desks to your office, when staff need sit-to-stand functionality – might yield limited staff satisfaction with the new décor. It’s the same with adding new chairs for your reception area – which don’t harmonize with other pieces of furniture choices. Not only will you have made a costly investment; but you’ll have no tangible return for that investment! 

That’s why it’s imperative that you consult with the experts first, before making such decisions. Working with an expert in  office furniture in Northern Virginia is a great way to tap the potential of office furniture for your business. The decades of expertise they bring to any relationship pays off in terms of practical and highly effective office décor – including appropriate furniture – decisions.