The protein fad is now getting ridiculously out of hand is what many people say when they are presented with this concept: protein powder in coffee. Proffee, as it is called, is made with coffee and protein powder, which is something that will induce a gag reflex from many, but believe it or not, is something that has caught on with the general public now.

This coffee with protein powder is something that has obvious flaws, and yet the nutritional benefits are something that cannot be ignored or look past. So, today, we’ll look into what is protein powder in coffee, address some of its glaring issues (there are many), answer some questions and make you understand the absolute travesty that is coffee with protein powder. 

What is Protein Coffee?

As we already know, protein is something heavily present in milk; not in trace quantities, but a good helping of milk will probably cover your protein daily recommended intake. But why have one protein when you can have many is the apparent rationale behind this protein powder in coffee fad.

Because protein coffee or proffee is something that comes about when you dunk a big dollop of protein powder in your coffee. We’ve never tried it, but what with strong black coffee and protein powder all coursing through your taste buds, this is something that we would not like to try out, not atleast when you can try each of them separately and call it a day.

Of course, this is not something as basic as what we described beforehand. People like to mix it up; with different variations of both the elements. Some use whey protein with black coffee, others use coffee made with soy milk, and so, eventually, you could work something out that could taste better, but the most rudimentary mixture involves these two things; your morning coffee and protein powder scooped in it. Not yum. 

Health Benefits of Coffee With Protein Powder

We speak of it like it is something that the primal man ate, but coffee and protein powder is something that is very beneficial for the health, considering it offers a wide variety of nutritional elements in a single liquid. Many people prefer their coffee black; which foregoes the use of cream and milk, thereby robbing them of the most important component of the most important meal of the day; proteins.

Now you see where this is going. Instead of putting in something else, what better way to compensate for that lack of protein than by chucking in a scoop full of nothing else but protein. Everybody has a jar of protein powder in their home, coffee is the most popular beverage in the United States, seems like the ideal combination. 

The health benefits are enormous; you get the daily serving intake of protein; coffee gets you your much needed caffeine and a few minerals and vitamins are also in there as well. Not the complete breakfast, but pretty close as far as nutrition goes.

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Protein Powder in Coffee For Sensitive Stomach

For people with an extra sensitive stomach, well, nobody can say for sure because for starters, we’re not sure what your stomach is so sensitive about. And secondly, its probably going to be fine considering that a good majority of people use protein powder on a regular basis, and an even bigger demographic consumes coffee on a daily basis, so yeah. These two ingredients combined shouldn’t be anything bad for a sensitive stomach.

Well, the jury is out on that one. People have been gulping it down ever since some Kardashian revealed it during her livestream, and we haven’t heard about it going south for somebody, and neither has Google. But there are always isolated incidents, and sure there have been some. If you can get past the awful taste we presume it will have, coffee with protein powder is perfectly healthy and good for the stomach.

Best Protein Powder Coffee Recipe

While there isn’t much in the variation department for coffee with protein powder, you can swap out the components of the coffee or change the type of protein you want it to go with the coffee. For instance, the basic recipe is simple black coffee with a scoop of protein powder in it; no thrills and frills.

You can further change it to your liking by swapping out components of the coffee or by swapping out the protein powder. One of the most common recipes is coffee in soy milk, add in a scoop of whey protein (since it allows for better solvability) and chug it down. Further recipes are also touted by many celebs, swapping out many ingredients. 

Take some vanilla, add in any fruit or nut-based milk or cream and throw in a scoop of collagen protein creamer, of which many types are available. Blend it all in and try that for a taste, you’ll find it much better and appealing now that there are some quality ingredients in there. Further more, you can also experiment with the types of milk in your coffee, including soy, almond or many other types, which will certainly refresh the ole taste palette up. 

Even more so than that, you can skip the whole shebang and just go to Starbucks; they also have a huge variety of high-protein drinks that you can substitute for your breakfast (Although many nutritionists will advise against it).


Still not sure? Here are some answers for you

How Do You Add Protein Powder To Coffee?

People regularly try and fail to dissolve protein powder in coffee. In doing so, they forget that water has a soluble limit, which basically means that there is a limit as to how much can you dissolve something in water. With coffee already in it, it is very unlikely that you manage to dissolve a whole scoop of particle-dense protein powder.
You will obviously need either more solvent (water or coffee) or apply more energy by using a beater or a whisk and tire your arm out. Using this, you can make sure that the protein power is dissolved properly in the coffee and it does not lump in the mixture. 
Use a full heaped tablespoon or teaspoon for a mug of coffee, and pour it in, preferably in bits, as the whole scoop will lump in the liquid. Start stirring until the liquid is clear of any protein powder and isn’t coarse anymore.

Can Whey Protein Be Mixed With Coffee?

Yes, as it is the most popular form of powder protein currently being consumed. Whey protein is easily solvable in coffee, so many actually recommend using it as it is both readily available and easily solvable in coffee. 

Does Hot Water Destroy Protein Powder?

 No, it doesn’t destroy it, but neither it does anybody a favor. Protein powder cannot be dissolved in hot water, so it’ll just lump once it enters the water.

A good workaround of this problem is actually mixing protein powder in cold or room-temperature water, making it into a paste, and then adding the paste into the coffee mix; this will ensure optimal dissolvability and a good taste as the coffee and protein powder will both be a bit watered down, but as far as taste goes, to each their own. 

This is how you can make, Drink and Enjoy Coffee And Protein Powder.