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Nuclear Networking has announced that it is currently looking to expand its operational capabilities through new mergers and acquisitions.

A leading Denver digital marketing agency, Nuclear has always been on the lookout for opportunities to empower smaller enterprises by bringing them into the fold. According to Tyler Horsley, CEO of Nuclear, his company has recently amped up this strategy due to a number of current factors.

“Our latest research has shown that most companies in the service marketing space are only achieving 8-15% profit,” said Tyler. “We’ve found a lot of inefficiency in the market which we have been able to solve, which has triggered M&A activity.”

While some companies do whatever they can to preserve the status quo, forward-thinking companies are always looking for ways to grow. Many times, this means investing in new technologies and more in-house talent. Other times it means outsourcing to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

For companies that are experiencing incredible success, however, it often means expanding operational capabilities through mergers and acquisitions. Such is the case for Nuclear Networking, which is currently looking for mutually beneficial partnerships that provide much-needed solutions for smaller enterprises.

“A merger can be a godsend for many smaller enterprises that are struggling to achieve their goals,” said Tyler. “We’ve discovered many founders in this space cannot see a successful exit due to poor multiples, or simply that they are not large enough. We’ve also seen PEs and others in the space trying to transact with these companies with little to no tech knowledge. This is where we are able to help; we can talk the talk and speak founder language to find a model that supports their future plans, while allowing them to see a successful exit without forfeiting half their company or being stuck in a multi-year earnout, which is common in the SEO/SEM agency space.”

According to Tyler, Nuclear Networking is currently looking for companies that are under $10mm topline and/or around $4mm or below EBIDTA. Collaboration gives Nuclear greater agility to meet the demands of clients. It also brings together some of the region’s most talented marketers all under one impressive umbrella.

Because they gain access to Nuclear’s AI-driven proprietary software and comprehensive suite of services, smaller companies are able to serve their clients better without having to cut costs by cutting corners.

“To serve their clients, far too many smaller enterprises are forced to skimp on service,” said Tyler. “We’ve learned that tasks like link building are not being done well. Many times, they are either being outsourced to untrustworthy sites, or the teams are being asked to cold contact companies to request that links be placed on their client’s sites. This regularly results in clients getting non-relevant or non-vertical-specific links that don’t bring a positive ROI.

“At Nuclear, we’ve implemented a full-scale project management system paired with automation which ensures that all clients are getting the most value for their marketing budget. We are also able to quickly acquire links with our tools and processes, which bring impactful results and keep costs at market.”

In the right circumstances, a merger can pay big dividends for smaller companies and the clients they represent. According to Tyler, however, Nuclear is only looking for specific types of companies to invite into its exclusive umbrella of talented, forward-thinking partners.

“A Nuclear, we’re always on the lookout for partnerships that bring benefits to everyone involved,” said Tyler. “If a company is under $10mm topline and/or around $4mm or below EBIDTA, they should reach out to us at hello@nuclearnetworking.com to discuss the potential benefits of joining us through an M&A vehicle.”

About Nuclear Networking

Nuclear Networking is a leading-edge performance marketing agency that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create unrivaled digital marketing strategies. Using proven tactics and proprietary SaaS platforms, Nuclear creates innovative solutions that boost conversions and deliver measurable ROI for each and every client, whatever their industry.

Nuclear employs skilled professionals who have a true passion for their trade. Our talented team includes the industry’s most experienced and innovative problem solvers with proven expertise in the fields of SEO, online reputation management, social media advertising and PPC ads. Nuclear Networking provides targeted, whole-scale digital marketing solutions that bring our clients’ digital marketing needs under one roof. More than the typical SEO or marketing firm, we are a cohesive team of technical thinkers who specialize in problem-solving and thinking outside the box.

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