When you need to make extra money, but are worried about how much extra time you’ll spend working, you might consider a new career path that offers the ability to work a more flexible schedule. A food delivery app that lets you make your own schedule might be the best for you. If you’re bilingual, you might find work as a tutor or translator. Let’s restore some balance to your life with these part-time gigs for good work-life balance.

Food delivery driver

A food delivery driver offers opportunities to set your own schedule and begin and end delivering when you want to. If you have a couple extra hours during the daytime, you can deliver during the busy lunch rush. Or schedule some time in the evening to deliver during dinner, or a few hours during the weekend to connect customers with their favorite restaurants in your area. The best food delivery app to work for may also have the benefit of getting paid the same day, and typically doesn’t require previous experience.

Social media manager

Social media management can be done part-time if the business doesn’t rely on posting more than a couple times a day. Most social media platforms provide scheduling features where you can plan ahead which posts will go live and at what times. So, you can schedule a week’s worth of posts one day and let them automatically post throughout the week. Of course, you may have to keep an eye on things and be able to respond to customers when necessary. An account with many followers may require more than part-time hours to manage.

Foreign language tutor

If you speak two languages, you may be able to put that skill to good use as a foreign language tutor, interpreter, or translator. Students in high school or college could employ your services in the evenings or weekends. Some businesses may need help finalizing a new partnership with another business locally or abroad, and may need your help throughout the process. The good news is that these roles can sometimes be done during off-hours or just a few hours a day.

Personal trainer

Becoming a personal trainer may not be as easy as some of these other jobs, but it’s typically the type of role where you pick your own clients and make your own schedule–to a degree. One stipulation with being a personal trainer is that most people who work a typical nine-to-five job can only find time for working out early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or on weekends. So, to an extent, your schedule may have to revolve around someone else’s, but you probably won’t find yourself working the nine-to-five grind like your clients.

Finding jobs that offer plenty of work-life balance doesn’t have to be hard, and sometimes you may already have the skills required to do it. If you know how to drive and have a valid driver’s license, you can deliver part-time as a food delivery driver. If you’re familiar with social media platforms, a part-time social media manager role may suit you. There are plenty of roles out there that allow you to dictate your own flexible work schedule.

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