The COVID-19 pandemic transformed technology and the speed at which it is acquired. Nicholas Liou is a businessman with a specialization in technological strategies. He recently explained how automation has now become more important than ever before.

“Businesses were slowly making transformations toward more automation before the COVID-19 pandemic hit,” Nicholas Liou said. “The pandemic pushed this transformation into full gear, making some companies automate processes far earlier than expected.”

Nicholas Liou explained that automating computer processes is easier than many companies expect, and it can provide huge benefits. Automation can reduce operation costs, increase productivity, improve reliability, and more.

Nicholas Liou Explains How Automation Has Become More Important than Ever

“Optimizing performance is more important than ever,” Nicholas Liou said. “That’s because many businesses are highly relying on online operations throughout this pandemic. People expect these online experiences to be efficient; however, without automation, they’ll never be as efficient as they could be.”

Liou explained that many businesses are also currently operating with employee shortages. This means they need to increase productivity among the employees that are there.

“People are using computers more, and that means systems are experiencing a lot of demand,” Liou said. “Automated operations through scheduling software can eliminate lag time and reduce operator errors by reducing operator intervention.”

Nicholas Liou stated that many companies can cut hours off of their processes. Automation software can execute commands one directly after the other without wasting any time in between.

Liou explained that automation also means superior availability. Many companies need their computers to be available throughout the day for numerous tasks, from entering data to creating reservations, making shipping labels, and more. Computers used to be unavailable for several hours while certain processes were completed. These are precious work hours that could be used to create more profit.

Liou stated that automation makes it possible for a central console to control critical functions across the network. Certain tasks can now be performed automatically and remotely, so computers can be used by employees throughout the day without interruption.

“Perhaps the most important aspect of automation is that it prevents major disasters, like damage to the system or disk loss,” Nicholas Liou concluded. “Automated systems can automatically save the information and create recovery systems to completely eliminate the possibility of total loss.”

Liou explained that automation is expected to gain importance throughout the upcoming years and decades as technology continues to advance. Businesses will rely on more automated systems to reach peak productivity, availability, reliability, and performance. They’ll also rely on these systems to remain secure despite any future curveballs.