Everyone loves to eat! But there are some people, for whom food means so much more. They don’t eat food to provide fuel to their body, or to eat something delicious. For them, food is their life. They are so passionate about food that you will always find them in the kitchen. Or with a notebook, trying new recipes or creating healthy but delicious recipes. They are ones who we call for special occasion recipes to create a splendid menu.


If you are one of these people, food is not a hobby. It is your passion, and if you take it seriously, you can have a great career in it. Yes, for a long time, people didn’t take being a chef or being in the food industry as a serious job. But now that is changing. There are so many ways to become a part of the food industry. It is actually an industry which is growing and with it, respect for chef, bakers, and other related jobs too.


If you are serious about your culinary talents, do read the full article. In this, we will discuss the best possible way to start a career in the food industry. Also, not all these require going to a culinary school.

Option 1: Be a chef


Yes, I know! This one is obvious, but I have to write it. Being a chef is no ordinary feat, especially if you aim to become a head chef or pastry chef. To become a chef, you have to attend culinary school. Also, you need to work under an experienced chef, and learn about the ins and out of creating the perfect recipe.


It requires hard work and you will have to spend long hours in the kitchen. It takes a lot of experience, hard work, and talent to run your own kitchen. But if you are good at it, and the restaurant is successful, you can end up earning six figures.


Option 2: Food blogger or photographer


You don’t need a degree for this career. As a food blogger or photographer, you are self-employed. It will need you to create a blog and social media handles and share artistic photos of visionary food. Now, this can work two ways. First, you go to various food joints, click videos and images of their food, talk to the chef, and write about it on your blog. It is like a review and people love to read such blogs.


The second way it can work is if you create recipes at your home, and share them on the blog. You don’t need a degree for that, you share the recipes that you make in an artistic way. If your blog is successful, you will earn a good figure. Make sure you use Canva to edit the images to make them look pleasing.


Option 3: A food stylist


‘We eat from our eyes first’, we all have heard this saying, right? But it’s true! How many times have we looked at our meal and got disappointed by how it looks? It might taste good, but if it doesn’t look amazing, it can lose some of its charm. That is why a lot of food joints and big restaurants have food stylist on their payroll. It is their job to ensure that the food looks appealing when it goes out of the kitchen.


If you have an eye for such a thing, it is a great job, and it pays quite well too.


Option 4: Food truck owner


The food truck business is a lucrative industry overseas. In India, we have the last or small food joints, but nowadays, food trucks are emerging too. A food truck is a hygienic place from where you can buy sumptuous food at a price which is lower than a big restaurant. They usually work around a place for hours before moving to another location. It can earn you a great deal of money if you have great food and a loyal customer. It will take time, but if you are passionate about selling your food all over a city, don’t give up.


It is best if you have some kind of culinary experience or degree. You would need a loan and need to consider the operational and business cost.

Option 5: Nutritionists


If you love food and want to ensure that you and everyone you know eats good and healthy food, then be a nutritionist. It is a degree course, and you have tons of job options. You can work in a hospital or a gym or even at a school.


The list doesn’t end here. You can become a sensory panelist, competitive eater, restaurant eater, a food critic, and so on. The opportunities are endless. Don’t let convention get to your head, if you love food, a career in it is possible.