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October 21st, Dallas TX. – Lineal Services, a global legal data services organization leveraging AI and process-driven workflows for law firms and corporations, has won the 2021 Relativity Best Innovation Community Choice Award for their AI suite of Relativity enhancements. The results were announced at RelativityFest, Tuesday, October 6th.

Each year Relativity recognizes organizations and individuals who build innovative solutions, break down barriers for technology in the practice of law, move eDiscovery forward, and take Relativity to the next level. Winners in the technology categories are organizations using the Relativity platform in creative ways—solving difficult or unique challenges within and outside of eDiscovery.

The Relativity community specifically recognized Lineal for its AI-enabled suite of Relativity enhancements — which enable litigators, transactional attorneys, and corporate in-house or legal ops teams to make better, quicker decisions, generating more value for their clients or organizations — including:

ChatCraft – Lineal ChatCraft an end-to-end solution allowing for chat data (Teams, Slack, G-Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.) to be seamlessly collected, reviewed, tagged, and produced inside Relativity RelativityOne, and Reveal review applications, without requiring attorneys to change their review workflow.




Priv Finder – Lineal Priv Finder discovers, sorts, and presents all potentially privileged communications between client and attorney using the most sophisticated AI technology, informed by a human-guided questionnaire designed by industry experts to powerfully incorporate people, process, and technology.




Lineal Images – A new, Relativity integrated AI-powered review interface for viewing, classifying, and producing images and other graphics-based content in both SaaS (RelativityOne) and on-prem deployments. Lineal Images allows users to review images as tiles in logical groupings based on their content – landscapes, cityscapes, worksites, colors, etc. — and then tag those images and their duplicates.


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Bot Detector – Bot Detector identifies and bundles documents sent from bots for early culling and spot checks review within Relativity. Documents are identified based on communication analytics, and bot-powered email addresses and email address domains are tagged as “noise”, allowing reviewers to remove potentially non-responsive data.




LTAi – Lineal Threading AI (LTAi) ensures increased review speed, reduces documents needed for review, and increases efficiency in delivering consistent documents for production by offering three grouping variations. LTAi allows review teams to alter threading strategies depending on the on-time and cost pressures. It also provides a simple field within Relativity designating which documents should be reviewed, as well as identifying important situations which occur after an incremental load, flagging thread groups with new members, so tagging can be propagated or the groups can be re-reviewed, carrying the analysis across incremental loads.


SnipShow – Lineal’s SnipShow presents identified data snippets for fast QC and mass tagging for more accurate, efficient review.




“We’re thrilled for the recognition of the Innovation award because it highlights one of Lineal’s core values,” said Damon Goduto, Partner at Lineal. “We will keep building, keep improving and hope to win this year after year.”


About Lineal – Lineal Services is a global legal data services organization leveraging AI and process-driven workflows to solve information governance, discovery, privacy, compliance, DSAR, conversion, and cyber issues for law firms and corporations.  Headquartered in London and with offices throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Lineal has delivered pioneering solutions since 2009.


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