This free, consolidated resource brings legal providers and clients together to do business

REDWOOD CITY, CA, October 2021 — Lex Connect powered by UpLevel Ops is live! 

We listened to legal providers and clients and channeled decades of legal experience to reinvent Lex Connect. The result is an indispensable online resource for legal professionals.

Lex Connect starts with a curated directory called the Solution Finder. The Solution Finder provides a searchable list of vendors and service providers organized by topic and operational goals. Clients can find the ideal vendor to solve their most challenging legal operations challenges.

In addition, the Lex Connect Knowledge Center provides a glossary of common legal operations terms and concepts designed for easy searches by topic. Users can also read industry perspectives and expand their knowledge on different areas within the legal ops ecosystem.

Best of all, Lex Connect is FREE to both users and service providers. Created by legal operations professionals for legal operations professionals to support and benefit the legal community, Lex Connect brings providers and clients together to do business.

“We created the new Lex Connect with the sole purpose of benefitting the legal community,” UpLevel Ops Co-Founder, Stephanie Corey said. “The industry is moving so fast, knowing what’s out there for legal tech and service providers is key and Lex Connect is the platform that brings it all together.”

Visit Lex Connect online at lex-connect.netUpLevel Ops, and the ACC’s (Association of Corporate Counsel).


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