Committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and sustainability, Kornit Digital officially announced “Kornit Fashion Week LA” from November 2 to 5, 2021, showcasing the latest collections of twenty-two internationally acclaimed as well as progressive and independent fashion designers and brands including Ungaro, threeASFOUR, Vivi Bellaish, Kobi Halperin, Shai Shalom, Aliona Kononova, NAOT, Asher Levine, Dreu Beckemberg, Georgine Studio, Lakrisbrand, Bishme Cromartie, Oliver Tolentino, Jen Rade, Guvanch, Julia Clancey and Jolleson. The invitation-only shows are being held at one event space in the historic Pacific Stock Exchange Building on 618 South Spring Street and features an age- and size-inclusive lineup of diverse models from different backgrounds while also unveiling original pieces demonstrating Kornit’s revolutionary digital printing technologies. Hair and make-up will be provided by Paul Mitchell Pasadena and CAO Cosmetics, respectively.

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“For me, fashion is about people not just clothes. The most important thing for me is changing what the ideal definition of beauty is. I’m inspired by the diversity of the human race especially women and want to show people that beauty is not just one type. People of all ages, shapes, genders, and races are beautiful and should be celebrated.”  Motty Reif – Founder and Producer of Kornit Fashion Week

Kornit Fashion Week LA is being produced by Reif Entertainment under the leadership of Motty Reif, who has over 30 years of experience in the field, having created, produced, and directed hundreds of fashion and lifestyle events, television productions, and documentary films around the world and is the founder of Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv, which is in its 10th season. He is also responsible for curating the participating selection of visionary designers whose collaborations with Kornit Digital will be impacting not just the US territories but the entire industry worldwide.


Wednesday, November 3rd Shows:



KFW 2021 VIVI BELllAISH 13 scaled

Victor (Vivi) Bellaish, Israel’s most prominent fashion designers, revealed his new collection as a part of Kornit Fashion Week LA 2021. The collection created a correlation between fashion and nature, birds in flight, and the lightness of feathers and silk. The inspiration of the collection was tropical birds, mainly the Hoopoe – Israel’s national bird. Bellaish is fascinated by the bird’s feathers as a design element: the shape and structure composing a spectacular visual performance, which, accompanied by the silhouette, provides a feeling of uplifting flight. The world of birds has been inspirational for Bellaish since childhood: “as a young boy I was fascinated by birds, and especially by the Hoopoe, which stands out in the local scenery. the crest and the black and white feathers give the bird a sort of punk-rock look”. The collection stemed from his journey researching textile history. Spirits of feminine strength and liberation beat at the heart of the collection.



KFW 2021 Georgine 5 scaled

The focal point of this collection is Sticker Art. Just like Graffiti Art has challenged the notions of fine art, the layers of stickers on car bumpers, street poles and rock bars define a new beauty in environments otherwise abandoned or ignored. Sticker Art (or embellished appliqués in the case of the collection) elevates and modernizes more traditional forms of fashion. This collection showed how true luxury can be attained by personalization.



dreubeckhemberggara 11 of 95 scaled

This Fall Dreau Beckemebrg emerged with a second capsule collection from the Beckemberg Cricket Club in collaboration with Kornit Digital and presented by Made For You, which is the luxury brand under the Beckemberg umbrella. The Dreu Beckemberg Kornit LA FW presentation was an ode to streetwear and sporting classic styles. Titled “Back at Home,” Beckemberg seeked to highlight his Jamaican roots, NYC style, and his love for the game of Cricket. On the heels of his latest NYFW capsule collection, Garden of Beckemberg, he is setting a delicate balance of Garden and roots, pulling from Beckemberg Classic silhouettes and incorporating custom-designed prints in collaboration with Kornit digital. The Collection’s presentation was reminiscent of a home team Cricket match, hailing diversity as a staple feature of the show with the idea of bringing worlds together.



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Inside The Cube is the one-night-only performance and presentation of Los Angeles-based fashion designer Aliona Kononova’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which marks the designer’s twentieth collection made and presented in LA. Kononova is known for her unwavering aesthetic combined with sweeping architectural lines and geometric forms. Inside The Cube unfolded as a theatrical progression in two acts, in which the cube is the central point of focus and a formal reminder of the physical and metaphysical geometry that guides Kononova’s practice. An accumulation of looks were celebrated and revered as a state of everything, before being paired down to nothing–the cube. A second act dived into the cube’s dark vaults of reflection and deconstruction to find renewal as the surface is cut to reveal a transformative, self-shaped look with new meaning– a less is more and slow versus fast approach to fashion and the world. Layers of organza and mesh in monochrome with delicate washes of color, pulled from the sky, appear to carry the imprint of life and movement past and present, capturing consciousness in motion as layers of physical, emotional and psychological experiences become enmeshed and intertwined in an ethereal dance of fabric and image. Conceived during a challenging period of isolation, unrest, and environmental reckoning, Inside The Cube is a symbolic act of self-realization, which urges re-imagination and responsibility for our future. The presentation is choreographed by Nina McNeely, features bionic pop artist and post-disability futurist Viktoria Modesta, and incorporates photography by Eliot Lee Hazel.



Placebo x Julia 126 scaled

Julia Clancey is excited to be launching her print collection sponsored by sustainable printing partner Kornit. The colorful collection will feature signature styles of kaftans, jumpsuits, and turbans with a sample taste of the extension of the gender fluid loungewear which will launch next year. The show is a celebration of all cultures, ages, sizes, and genders. The perception of beauty in the industry is finally in a shift. We are not following a trend. We are the change. Julia’s love of dance has worked closely with renown choreographer Kevin Shea to bring the finest performers to the runway. The inspiration is the energy and joy of others. Clothes that are to be celebrated in for all.