For the past year, the nation and the world have been forced into a simple and uninvolved way of living. As Founder of Empowered Living Ministries, Jim Hohnberger talked with many Christians who struggled with the loneliness and isolation that the worldwide pandemic forced on us all.

There is no doubt that mankind needs human contact and interaction with others to thrive and grow. It is certainly God’s will and His blessing that we are social beings with a soul that consists of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual energy. Yet, Jim Hohnberger believes there are many lessons we can glean from this past year. One of those lessons is the beauty of living a simple life.

Authentic growth in Christ

For a short time in our current history, materialism and consumerism took a back seat to compassion, concern, and care for others. Our individual and collective worlds had been transformed from living outside ourselves to existing totally within the boundaries of our bubble of those that live within our own households.

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For Christians, this has been a time of true growth and faith in a God that is able to heal and able to deliver. And yes, many of us were placed under difficult hardships and painful loss, but we made it through. Living simply, quietly, and patiently has given Christians a tremendous opportunity to reflect on what’s most important and to grow in our love of Christ.

Less stress, more peace

Jim Hohnberger knows many people who had to transition from working in the office to working remotely, from home. These same individuals have expressed how amazed they were that they were more at peace and many experienced less stress when compared to commuting and working outside the home.

Even if you have to return to your daily commute, Jim Hohnberger believes our collective experience allowed us to slow down and live with less stress. Find ways to continue living simply by spending more time at home, even after you return to work.

More quality time with family

As founder of Empowered Living Ministries, Jim Hohnberger has always stressed the importance of embracing family values. At the heart of living simply is to turn your focus to family and close relationships. The rush of activity that is a constant part of our modern life can give a false belief that we are engaged, happy, and fulfilled.

But, at the same time, many people feel unsatisfied and disillusioned. Christian life is not complicated. It should be uncluttered and have some elements of a minimalist lifestyle, except when it comes to family. Pour more into those that are closest to you by spending quality time with family. And, don’t forget to do it with an attitude of love, hope, and faith.