The popularity of soda drinks or carbonated water around the world is increasing day by day. Whether it is a feast or any family festival in the USA, food is not complete if there are no drinks(soft or hard depending on the preference)lets discuss Is Sprite Healthier Than Coke. Soft drinks play a significant role in people’s lives as they provide relief from the heat in summers and help lower body temperature. Cold drinks with hot food can be perceived as pleasing because the cold stimulus satisfies dryness. Carbonated beverages, also known as soda, are cold drinks, as they do not contain alcohol like stiff drinks.

The three giant players that dominate the industry are Coca-Cola, Keurig Dr. Pepper, and PepsiCo when it comes to soft drinks. Each company has its worth and a brand name. However, Coca-Cola owns the highest market share along with several brands. The drink sale of coca-cola, surpassing other sodas for several years, shows its market dominancy.

Both Sprite and Coke both are owned by the Coca-Cola company. If you are a die-hard fan of soft drinks, have you ever got confused about ordering coke or sprite for your meal? Although both coke and sprite are iconic brand names and it isn’t easy to imagine if someone has never tasted them at least once in their life. 

If you ask someone to choose between two, it would be entirely on the preferences, but when we talk about the coke vs. sprite health aspect or is sprite healthier than coke, we cannot give an answer based on our likeness and preferences. To decide which one is better than the other, we have to look into the nutritional content of both. Coke is the bestselling soda in the world these days, while sprite is a younger brand. They differ in terms of taste and ingredients. This article will explain how sprite and coke are different and which one is less harmful when consumed.

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Let’s have a look at what’s in the sprite (ingredients) first. Many people consider sprite as only carbonated water. No doubt, the carbonation factor of the sprite is relatively high, but that is not the only thing that specifies it. Some certain other ingredients or components give sprite its sweet citrus flavor. Sprite is a lime or lemon tasted caffeine-free drink that contains sodium citrate, High fructose corn syrup, Carbonated water, natural flavor.

Furthermore, the added sodium benzoate protects the taste of the drink. The caffeine-free factor of sprite makes it a hot favorite for people who want to limit their caffeine intake. The origin of the drink is west of Germany in 1959. In the USA, the drink was introduced under its current name in 1961 and has acquired a large fan base, especially among teenagers. It comes in different flavors, including vanilla, orange, grape, and cranberry.

Facts Is Sprite Healthier Than Coke

Coke is made out of Carbonated water, phosphoric acid (for the taste), Caramel color (to give characteristic color), High fructose corn syrup, and some natural flavors. The manufacturer company of the soda drink is Coca-Cola. The sweet taste of the drink is due to added sugar. The Coca-Cola Company is also famous for its sugar-free drinks that include diet coke and Coca-Cola zero sugar. With the marketing tactics used by businessman Gris Candler, Coca-Cola reached its supremacy. The drink has enthused followers and shaped a whole classification of soft drinks known as colas.

Which Has More Sugar, Coke or Sprite?

If we look at the ingredients of both drinks, it is clear that coke has more sugar content than sprite. The sugar in Coca-Cola comes from sugar cane. This refined sugar in corn syrup is necessary to add to the classic taste of coke. Due to the high availability and reduced cost, high fructose corn syrup is found abundantly in food and beverages. Sprite contains 3.17 grams of sugar per ounce, while in coke, the amount is 3.25 grams per ounce.

Coke has several artificial colors. Over the period, the product has acquired many artificial colors. Diet coke or Coca-Cola zero sugar version usually has no sugar, no calories, or something. Still, they are getting their taste with the help of artificial sweeteners, usually, the main ingredient aspartame, which has some controversial nutritional values. The main problem with sugary sodas is they are insulin resistant. If there is too much sugar in your body, your cells stop responding to the sugar and become insulin resistant, which can cause severe metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome can be considered a precursor to various ailments.

Nutritional Facts 

Let us now dig into sprite vs. coke nutrition facts and statistics to answer our main question about which one is less harmful than the other. Interestingly, both have some similar nutritional facts. They both have a 0gm protein factor. The following table explains different nutritional aspects in 1 can of both drinks. Primarily they provide little or no nutritional benefit and have a high amount of sugar.

Coke Sprite
Amount of Sugar 39gm38gm
Net Fat0gm0gm
Sodium Content45gm45gm
Total number of Calories 140140

Both sprite and coke have identical calories and no fat or protein content. However, the carbohydrate and sugary content are more significant in coke relative to spirit. Another essential factor that makes them different is the presence and absence of caffeine. Coke has high caffeine content. Caffeine is the most critical factor for convincing someone to change their preference in soft drinks as no one will change their favorite coke product based on high sugar content. 

Suppose we talk specifically about the calorie count of both sprite and coke. At first glance, you may think that coke has more calories as compared to sprite. But to your surprise, they both have an equal number of calories. The calorie source of both is 99% carbs, 0% protein, and 0% fat. To burn the exact number of calories, you need to walk or run for at least 7 minutes or swim for 9 minutes.

Sprite is Better Than Other Coke.

Till now, from all the information mentioned above and facts about both drinks, it should be clear to you that carbonated beverages, no matter what, should be taken in moderation. Excessive use of soft drinks can lead to several metabolic issues. However, regarding which drink is better than the other, we can choose sprite over coke. Although the ingredients of both sodas are precise and known, the formula used by the company is what makes a drink specific. Let us now discover how the sprite is better than coke.


When we compare coke vs. sprite sugar content, it is clear that coke has more sugary materials than sprite. Coca-Cola classic contains 10.6 gm of sugar per 100ml. Sprite does not have artificial coloring. The high intake of artificial coloring in food and beverages can enhance the risk of certain diseases. It’s better to stay away from artificial coloring if you’re vulnerable or have a family history of cancer.

Many artificial dyes are proven to be carcinogenic or toxic in other ways for your body. There is no assurance of the safety of the dyes used for these carbonated drinks. There is a high-risk factor. Although the soft drinks industry is trying to reduce the sugar content as people become more conscious about their health, food dye is still the biggest obstacle.

Caffeine Component

Another reason for considering sprite better than a coke can be explained based on coke’s caffeine component. Sprite does not contain any caffeine. The Coca-Cola company claims that the caffeine content of classic coke and diet coke is much less than coffee and some other energy drinks. To be more specific, Red bull has a caffeine content of 114 mg, while one boiled cup of coffee has almost 113 mg of caffeine content.

However, one can of coke (12 Fl oz) has a total of 34 mg of caffeine content. Caffeine is tasteless and acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system that affects the body in several ways, leading to unfavorable consequences like a severe headache.

Artificial Sweetener:

Although diet coke and Coca-Cola are sugar-free and contain 50% less sugar, they contain artificial sweeteners for their taste. The most widely used tabletop sweetener is aspartame. A can of coke has almost 185 mg of aspartame. It is a hundred times sweeter than sugar, so only a tiny amount is added to beverages and food items to get the desired taste.

Many health activists linked excessive use of aspartame with several ailments, including seizures, dizziness, and weight gain. However, thorough research in regards to linking aspartame with all these diseases is required. Sprite mostly does not contain any artificial sweetener thus is a perfect choice if you want to lower your sugar intake.


Price of both drinks is almost the same. However, it varies storewide as well as region to region. The price for 2 liters of each beverage varies from 1.74$ to -2. 67$.The cost of these drinks depends on the store from where you purchase them. 

Sprite can be put on top in comparison to some other clear sodas as well. Let us take an example of another colorless carbonated drink, 7up. The first difference is in the ingredients. Sprite uses sodium citrate for the taste, while 7up uses potassium citrate. When we compare, both sprites have a much smoother taste than 7up. However, the nutritional content of both is almost the same except that sprite has nearly 20% more sodium concentration.


The final point of the discussion, sprite vs. coke health, should be used in the nutritional limit. Excessive use of both is going to harm your metabolism. Water, the natural drink, is best to quench the thirst, but still, if you cannot eat their food or live without soft drinks, it is better to choose sprite over coke. A common problem associated with more sugar intake is the enhancement of fat content in your liver. If you’re conscious about your health and want to reduce or replace sugary beverages,  the sprite would work for you.


List of questions and answers relating to is sprite healthier than coke.

Q1. What Has More Sugar, Coke, or Sprite?

Both drinks necessitate sugar for their taste. However, coke has slightly more sugar content than sprite. The no sugar form of coke, i.e., Diet coke and Coca-Cola sugar-free, has 50% less sugar content than the classic coke, but they have aspartame (the artificial sweetener) in them, which is a lot sweeter than sugar.

Q2. Is Sprite Healthier Than Other Sodas?

The answer to this question can be yes.  Sprite is a caffeine-free carbonated drink. It does not have artificial dyes or any sweetener. So. It is safe comparatively if you want to lower your caffeine intake.

Q3. How Much Caffeine Do Sprite And Coke Have?

Here is an overview of the caffeine composition of different famous drinks to help you choose if you are concerned about caffeine consumption

Q4. Does Coke Zero Have More Caffeine Than Coffee?

No diet coke or coke zero has a caffeine component much more minor than coffee. 12 oz of coke has a caffeine amount of 34 mg, while 12 oz of coffee has 90 mg of caffeine.

What’s your pick?
Sprite and coke share the same ownership but are different in terms of taste and ingredients. After getting an idea of how soda drinks affect you, especially ones because they have artificial sweeteners and artificial dyes, what will you choose next time with your hot pasta or cheesy burger?
It is essential to mention the controversial report about the dye that provides cola its traditional taste. A statement issued by CBS has shown that the dye used in brown colas to be carcinogenic.

Q5. Why is the caramel coloring of soda Controversial?

The Chemical used in colas 4-MEI(4-methylimidazole) has triggered cancer in lab rats and mice. CBS has petitioned FDA to mention the chemicals and consequences within the ingredient label. However, the FDA has flagged all such statements to the garbage. The FDA has issued a statement saying that a person would have to drink almost thousands of soda cans to acquire that level of vulnerability. 

In this regard, the Coca-Cola company has decided to modify its caramel-coloring dye because 4-MI is carcinogenic. Coca-Cola Company has asked their Caramel supplier to alter the product with as much as lower 4-MI formulation. Although many health services consider food dyes safe, it is better to avoid excess of such food and beverages.