People go for organic and non-processed foodstuffs, products like Cream of Wheat get questions on their benefit as dietary products which provide adequate nourishment. So, for this passage today, we’ll look into the question ‘is Cream of Wheat good for you?” Let’s get right into it.

Cream of Wheat is like porridge’s cousin. Not exactly anything other than porridge, but rather one that is made from what is called ‘fine milled wheat’, so its consistency and taste is a lot better than your regular oats porridge. Plus, its made of wheat, so it is equally beneficial to the oats porridge most of us are accustomed to.

Is Cream of Wheat Good For Your Health

Now first things first. The question is Cream of Wheat healthy can be answered right away. It’s a big yes. At least it’s much healthier and more nutritious than many of the cereals we have nowadays; what with all the sugar, artificial coloring and preservatives, a good ole bowl of porridge is still something that many of us can enjoy in the morning, knowing that it is the healthiest of the lot.


Cream of Wheat does benefit from there being no additives or preservatives or artificial food coloring in it; just pure wheat, milled for the finest in consistency, texture and taste. But is it as healthy as Quaker Oats or some other oats brand?

The simple matter of fact is this: Yes, Cream of Wheat is good for you. It is healthy enough, has the least amount of additives and other inorganic ingredients, and once you get used to the taste, is just delightful. The nutritive details aside, Cream of Wheat is an excellent choice of breakfast cereal if you are looking for something that is both healthy and at the same time, does not get you fat.

Carbs and Protein

Well, lets talk specifics. We’ve been going on and on about how it is better than other cereals in terms of healthiness, but we haven’t quoted official figures as of yet. And the fact is: its still winning in that round too. Lets have a look at the official nutritive value of a single serving of Cream of Wheat.

133 calories, 4 grams of protein, 28 grams of carbs, almost 60 per cent of the daily recommended intake of iron, and various other proteins and vitamins, which constitute upto 40 per cent of the recommended intake. So, when we said it was not part of a healthy breakfast, it is a healthy breakfast all in itself, we weren’t lying. What’s more, it is considered an important source of vegetable-based iron, so there’s that. 

Source of Some B Vitamins (Cereal + Milk)

Is Cream of Wheat Good For You

Cream of Wheat Easy to Digest

Its all down to personal preferences. Much like an oats porridge, Cream of Wheat is a porridge that is vastly customizable. And by customizable, we mean you can either sprinkle some healthy fruits and honey over it, or you can drench it in maple syrup and processed sugar and eat it like a true American. It’s up to you, but it’s the latter kind of toppings that turn a healthy cereal into a cardiologist’s nightmare.

Making people doubt the healthiness and nutritive qualities of Cream of Wheat. Let us reiterate; on its own, Cream of Wheat is on par with any oats porridge when it comes to healthiness. Patients of diabetes and other gastrointestinal afflictions are encouraged to go for something like Cream of Wheat.

That’s how much healthy this is. But, like the internet, its what you do with it that makes it any less so. And believe us, there are many instances of people going obese over porridges; only after asking them do you get to know of the pint of maple syrup and a quarter pound of sugar they sprinkle on top of it. So, go easy on the porridge, and it’ll go easy on your health.

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Cream of Wheat Healthy For Heart

Its good for your health because as stated beforehand, there are no additives, sugar or preservatives in it, which makes it as healthy as they come. Plus, you can enjoy it in both milk or water, so it is not just part of a healthy breakfast, it is the healthy breakfast all in itself. And since more and more people look for tasty and loaded-with-sugar cereals, switching to something like Cream of Wheat would be you doing your heart health a favor. 

Some of the Commonly Asked Questions

Here is the list of questions and answers relating to a Cream of Wheat

Is Oatmeal Better Than Cream Of Wheat?

Both of these are more or less the same product, its upto you. Both provide roughly the same nutritional content, which makes them both nearly the same. So, do what you like for breakfast. 

is Cream of Wheat Cause Constipation?

fiber is a major constituent of the faecal matter; Cream of Wheat provides alot of fibre, and if you are already eating too much fibre, this will eventually result in you getting constipated. So, do take Cream of Wheat with a grain of salt

is Cream of Wheat Good For a Sensitive Stomach?

Yes, it is. For people who suffer from acid reflux, or other gastric inflictions, Cream of Wheat is a good way to start your day with something that you can eat much of and not go through the hell that is acid reflux.