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“The Indiana State Bar Association is very excited to partner with XpressDox and Docugility on this new document automation platform for our IndianaDocs template library,” said Bob Hartley, Chair of the IndianaDocs Committee.

With more than 200 document templates in our library, XpressDox provides a fast, easy-to-use system that allows subscribers to assemble the forms they need quickly and easily. XpressDox also provides a modern, sophisticated platform that makes it easy and intuitive for new subscribers to sign up, for existing subscribers to modify their subscriptions, and for the ISBA to administer and maintain the forms.

“XpressDox and Docugility have been incredible partners in this platform upgrade process. From planning and conversion to testing and building an e-commerce site, the teams at XpressDox and Docugility have been indispensable in improving the IndianaDocs product for our members. The result is a modern, responsive document automation platform that allows users to generate custom legal forms in a snap,” said Hartley.

“Many ISBA members are sole practitioners or work in small firms and often do not have the resources to develop and maintain their own library of form templates. We are pleased to be able to offer IndianaDocs as a benefit to our members, giving them a high-quality, affordable product that allows users to focus their time and effort on serving their clients, not getting bogged down with creating documents. We hope that our members continue to take advantage of this offering (which includes a reduced subscription rate for ISBA members) and encourage other Bar Associations to work with XpressDox and Docugility to develop or enhance their own libraries,” he added.

“We have priced IndianaDocs at less than $1 per day for ISBA members, which makes the service a no-brainer for all single practitioners or small firms,” said Hartley.

“We’re really pleased to have the Indiana State Bar Association using our XpressDox Publisher system,” said Chris Pearson for XpressDox.  “As Bob said, one of the major challenges for single practitioners and small law firms is that they simply do not have the capital, time, or technical expertise to create their own template library from scratch.  By providing this library to its members, the Indiana State Bar Association is helping firms to be more efficient and more responsive to their clients,” said Pearson.

“We believe that every State Bar should provide a template library for its members,” he added. “Firstly, this is a great way for State Bar Associations to add value for their member firms, and secondly, a template library is becoming increasingly important as the legal profession is being challenged by alternative fee arrangements and commoditized pricing,” he added.

About IndianaDocs®

IndianaDocs® is a library of hundreds of automated legal documents created, endorsed and copyrighted by The Indiana State Bar Association. Website: www.inbar.org.

About XpressDox Publisher

XpressDox Publisher is a publishing framework used by State Bar Associations, content publishers, law firms and even corporates to publish document templates for external subscribers/users/clients. Website: https://xdpublisher.com.

About Docugility

Docugility is a leading document automation consultancy specializing in developing and converting document automation systems. Website: https://www.docugility.com/.

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