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Children laugh an average of 400 times a day. People over the age of 35 – only 15 times. Fearing losing credibility or insulting colleagues, some give up humor and laughter at work. And according to Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder  Ronnie Flynn , this is a big mistake. 

Agree, we spend a third of our lives at work. And humor is a great tool for cohesion and socialization. All successful large companies organize special meetings where you can laugh to your heart’s content and recharge with positive energy. For example, Ronnie Flynn loves to make witty jokes – and this requires, you will agree, a lot of skill. After all, before you laugh with others, you must be able to laugh at yourself. It means going beyond your fears and complexes, looking at life from a different angle. Self-irony contributes to the recognition of one’s own limitations and imperfections. To relax the atmosphere and encourage others to relax, nothing works better than laughing at yourself.


Ronnie Flynn believes that laughter transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, it creates links and is a universal means of expression of intentions on cooperation. Laughter is also a great way to relieve stress or calm down in a tense situation.

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Ronnie Flynn // Founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Limited and executive producer of Vuuzle Film Production

Humor is becoming a trend today! Counselors, psychologists, and scientists help companies find an approach to their employees through laughter. Many large corporations and companies use this approach because it is a great way to inspire the team. The ability to laugh is directly related to culture, education, trust, taste.

As you know, laughter preceded the appearance of language. This allowed our ancestors to clarify their intentions in situations of social interaction. “Laughter was an early and safe social signal. Before people had a chance to speak, laughter signaled to them that everything was fine, ”said Carl Marchi, a neurologist at Harvard Medical School.


When the brain identifies and understands the joke, it releases neurotransmitters associated with well-being: dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. Their effect is beneficial for the whole body. They relieve stress, increase the activity of immune cells and improve blood circulation. Help reduce stress hormones, relax muscles and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Consultants, psychologists, gelatologists (scientists who study laughter), theater teachers – specialize in this discipline and help companies find an approach to their employees in different ways through laughter. Many of the world’s largest corporations and companies have already tried this approach, as it is a great way to inspire a team. The ability to laugh is directly related to culture, education, trust, taste. It’s only been a few years since humor was perceived by the business world. Today, it is even becoming a desirable skill of a business person.



But, at the same time, it is known that laughter has many masks. A person laughs to relieve tension, to gain someone’s trust, to please someone, or to hide their fear. According to Ronnie Flynn, in order to understand this diversity, you need to know the characteristics of each type of laughter. Laughter, like a smile, can be bright, open, restrained, or closed.

Each type has its own distinctive features:

1. When open, the teeth are immediately visible. If your interlocutor laughs in your presence in the way described above, you can congratulate yourself, you are a very attractive person, your partner is very comfortable in your company.

2. If in your company a person laughs with closed laughter, without opening his lips, tries to restrain bursts of laughter, while the flow of air is directed through the nose – there is an effect of nasal laughter, which does not sound very pleasant. This is a sign that a person is embarrassed in your presence, he is not ready to open himself, to expose his emotions. You may not be familiar enough yet. Or maybe you just don’t have the talent to win the trust of others.

3. If a person begins to restrain his laughter, he is not ready to contact you. Perhaps this is a sign that your interlocutor is by nature a closed person who is not used to trusting others with their emotions.

4. If a person’s laughter resembles a giggle, it means that its owner is a secretive, perhaps a liar, who will never tell you the whole truth, even if there is no need to lie.

5. If a person is constantly laughing, regardless of whether it is funny to him or not, trying to seem cheerful and relaxed, then perhaps laughter is a mask that helps him fight a bunch of complexes. Most likely such a person is modest and timid. Laughter is a kind of protection. If a person laughs at everything, ironizes, it is not necessarily a sign of a cheerful disposition, but a desire to hide their shortcomings, anger, envy, negative emotions.

6. If a person laughs with a chest, low laughter (laughter of villains from cartoons), it is a sign of superiority. Perhaps a person does not have very good intentions. Such laughter can even be frightening. But, most likely, your interlocutor wants to scare you with laughter, because he can’t do it any other way. It is not dangerous for you.

7. If a person laughs incoherently, it is a sign that in front of you is a very emotional person, prone to nervousness. Perhaps your interlocutor is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, he is very bad at heart, and thus he is trying to relieve stress. With the owner of such a nervous, very sharp, like a laugh, you need to be careful, you should joke badly or say something not very pleasant, he may not stand and fail: an explosion of laughter can be replaced by hysteria.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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