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The number of poor people in the world on hunger strike has reached record levels over the past 40 years. This is stated in the report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. More than 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE have fallen into the category of multidimensional poverty (data for 2019). The World Multidimensional Poverty Index covers 101 countries with a population of 5.7 billion. This is approximately 76% of the world’s population. People living in poverty experience constraints on at least a third of health, education, and living standards.

Poverty is a huge problem for humanity and is evidenced by shocking statistics.

Here are the dire consequences of poverty :

  • a third of deaths – about 18 million people a year;
  • almost 11 million children die each year before their fifth birthday;
  • 800 million people go to bed hungry every day.


According to statistics, children in the world suffer disproportionately more from poverty than adults. Realizing this issue, Vuuzle Media Corp founder  Ronnie Flynn created the  Jagam Foundation (JESUS ??AND GOD AND MARY Inc.), a non-profit organization founded to help the poor and improve the lives of children in the Philippines.

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Ronnie Flynn is convinced that people need to be more socially responsible and engage in good deeds. After all, the inability to protect children from poverty and the inability to provide equal opportunities for development are some of the biggest mistakes that society can make. Undoubtedly, the heaviest burden is borne by the children themselves. However, for society, the price is also extremely high – it is a decrease in skills and productivity, reduced life expectancy and educational achievements, and increasing risks of unemployment and social dependence, increasing the cost of social protection systems.

Ronnie Flynn believes in the domino effect caused by the lack of education among members of large families, which ultimately leads to an increase in deaths worldwide due to poverty. Inequality among children is a specific problem, as children are a special category of the population: they are born into families of different wealth and social status, with no choice. That is, from birth, inequality is determined by family circumstances. As you grow older, the environment affects the child’s developmental opportunities, education, determines access to material goods and services, as well as significantly affects the quality of life, forms a person’s competitiveness in adult life.

Jagam Foundation founder Ronnie Flynn is working hard to reduce the world’s poor by eradicating illiteracy and expanding children’s learning opportunities. In his opinion, this is the only way to end the vicious circle of poverty.

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According to Ronnie Flynn, children born with the same physical data and intellectual abilities, but in different status families, start from different positions, ie have different life chances and prospects in the future. Inequality limits opportunities for child development.

Ronnie Flynn argues that we need to make charity a habit for each of us. And one of humanity’s priorities is to raise awareness of the need to fight poverty and destitution in all countries, especially in developing ones. After all, millions of people in the world now need food, clothing, education and, of course, care!

Here’s a touching video of how Ronnie Flynn and the Jagam Foundation help people survive and break free from the webs of poverty:

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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