Gaming industry is going huge nowadays, running in billions of dollars. You will often see people playing games on their phone while they commute or in their free time at office.

 Maybe you also do that in your free time right? But ever wondered how we got here.

Well earlier you used to play games on PCs or video games playing Nintendo and Sega games. You had to go CD shop buy game and then come home and insert in you PC or video game and then play, mobile phone games were limited to snake in Nokia or a bit colored graphics that’s it

But now you are playing high graphic games on your smartphone, even better than the games you use to play on your PC.

According to a research conducted by OFCOM online games are popular with kids especially with the age of kid between 5 to 16 even the ones at 25 are playing it passionately.

Interactive games that range from sports-based games to mission based to quest based, these games cater to the interest of the gamers and inspire gamers to join group games and to chat with others for coordination. That’s actual Team work.

This revolution in the gaming industry is being aided by the rise in the use of the internet. As digitalization is changing industries around the globe, the change in the gaming industry is the biggest. Many Technologies have now been developed for the advancement of the gaming industry and you will be thrilled to know its impact.

I will share some technologies with you

Technology advancement in gaming.

The popularity of games around the globe is encouraging gamers to introduce new advanced technologies to the gaming industry and you will be thrilled to know how far this industry has come. I have shared some technologies with you for your excitement.

  • Facial Recognition:

Facial recognition as you may know is used for many purposes like security but do you know that they are also being used by game developers in their games.

Game developers are using 3D and Facial recognition technology so that gamers can create their own likeness in the gaming or can transfer their own expression to the digital creators. 

Intel RealSense Tm 3D cameras are allowing game developers to develop game that adapt to the emotions of the gamer by scanning 78 different points of your face for e.g. Few expressions on your face will allow the system to set the difficulty level of the game. Pretty neat Right.

  • Voice Recognition:

Another amazing technology being used by game developers in their games is voice recognition. Why move and press buttons for each command when you can just give voice commands and the system will do it automatically for you.

In voice-controlled games you can give voice commands to control game play, Interact on social media, play selections from your library or search the web by simply talking to your gaming system.

  • Gesture Control:

We used to give gestures to other people except when we play games but now this has changed. Game developers are using Intel RealSense technology that allows you to play shooter games or simply interact with your device by just a few waves of hands.

3D cameras enable tracking 22 separate points on hand allowing you to control games by natural movements of the body. Games like Game Warrior wave employ real sense technology so that you can use your hand to lead an army of Greek soldiers.

  • Advance Graphics:

This is one of the best advancements of games and also the factor that you see when buying games. Gone are the days when 8-bit graphics were used because now modern graphics give photo realistic textures. 

Gamers are now able to increase playability at high quality which gives a real experience of games as they are actually inside the game

  • Virtual Reality Games:

A relatively new technology and still not fully released commercially. This technology takes you inside the games and by saying inside the games I mean that you may feel as if you can touch a graphical image of trees or a rock but in reality, it’s all virtual.

It gives the gamers a unique and different experience and first-person perspective as if they have been transported inside the game and they can actually hit or shoot their enemies with their bare hands. A good example of a virtual reality game is Pokémon Go which makes you find Pokémon in your backyard. 

  • Mobile Gaming:

A new trend has been introduced after the development of mobile games. This has allowed gamers to get out of the arcade and their living room and play games on the palm of your hands. 

In the morning you see people playing games on the phone while commuting or at home. The love of mobile games has spread beyond the hard-core console games and online PC games.

  • Cloud gaming:

After the introduction of cloud gaming, there is no need for gamers to buy a memory or get worried about their limited storage capacity. Cloud gaming has offered unlimited storage for games, so that gamers take no worries for their storage capacity.

This has allowed gamers to save unlimited data and game developers for avoiding making additional systems for storage.

  • On demand Games:

On demand games is the latest big thing in the gaming industry. Gamers are now live streaming their games on Facebook, Instagram and other Apps in social media just like movies.

Gamers are holding live tournaments and are offering prices for those who win. A pretty good way to earn money right. 

Global impact of Gaming technology:

New gaming technologies are having tremendous impacts globally. The sale of games is booming as according to statistics global sale of the global gaming industry was $125 billion in 2018 and in 2020 the sale of Game App was $50 billion in first half of 2020.

Online gaming has given rise to online and crypto casinos where you can bet online and safely earn money. Online lottery games like mega million and Powerball also have a fair share of pie in the market, where you have to pick a number from a pool of numbers and match six winning numbers in a drawing.

Gaming is also being recognized as a special skill by companies. In CVs you can mention gaming as a special skill as companies are now giving value to this field and you will be amazed to know that the UK military is now hiring gamers as according to the gamers are good at assimilating information, reacting swiftly and coordinating actions.