Incline Village Nevada (November 9th, 2021) – Hemp-Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that two previous CEOs of public companies have seen a unique new opportunity in the emerging Industrial Hemp processing industry and have joined together to address this opportunity. Both Frank Celecia and Dr. H. Dean Cubley have extensive long-term experience in founding and operating both private and public companies. By joining forces to found Hemp-Solutions, Inc. at this time, these two seasoned CEOs have recognized the unique opportunity that Industrial Hemp processing (“decortication”) represents following its legalization as a new USA farm crop in the “Farm Bill of 2018” signed by President Trump. This bill represents a drastic transformation in the Federal Industrial hemp policy. Industrial Hemp also represents a new cash crop for US farmers that has the added benefit that it is a net “Carbon Negative” crop in that it pulls more carbon out of the atmosphere and returns it to the soil than the carbon that is utilized in its farming and processing. As such Industrial Hemp represents a new “Green Industry” that is just beginning and should qualify for carbon credits from the US Government just like other carbon-negative crops making it even more profitable to farmers. Products that can be generated from Industrial Hemp also represent a new industry ranging from the supply of fiber to supplement or replace plastic, concrete, wood replacement, paper products, and hundreds of other carbon-negative products. However, Industrial Hemp has not increased dramatically in farmer-grown volume over the years since its legalization. One reason why this delay in incorporation as an extremely profitable cash crop by US farmers is that the farmers have been perfecting their knowledge of the growing process. The second and more important reason is that since it was only recently legalized the expensive processing infrastructure in the United States has only recently started to become a reality. It makes no sense for a farmer to grow and harvest a lucrative crop of Industrial Hemp if there is not a processing plant near his location that is willing to buy this crop and turn it into industrial products. Otherwise, the crop rots in the field. Hemp-Solutions Inc. has seen this developing situation in a shortage of Industrial Hemp decortication plants in key farming areas wanting to incorporate Industrial Hemp as a new cash crop and is raising capital via a Private Placement downloaded at to address its solution for some of the most promising Industrial Hemp growing areas. The business opportunity that Hemp-Solutions, Inc. is offering farmers is to construct Industrial Hemp high-capacity decortication plants in the local community, to buy the bailed hemp from the farmer at an agreed price under a contract signed before the hemp is planted and to assist the farmer in the proper planting and harvesting procedures. Hemp-Solutions, Inc. will process the bailed hemp into “Best Fiber”, “Hurd Pellets”, and “Green Fiber” and sell these products to third party wholesale markets and manufacturers. How Big Might the Hemp Fiber Sector Eventually Become?  The potential of hemp fiber and grain (that is, hemp seeds intended for consumption) and not for planting is well- known. In mid-September, in response to a request from the White House Domestic Policy Office, the National Hemp Association (NHA) released an economic impact report regarding the potential of a sustainable hemp industry in the U.S. According to the report, the domestic hemp fiber and grain sector is projected to have a $32 billion “impact” by 2030. The NHA report is based on the assumption that, with enough education and investment, hemp could become another major rotational crop for American farmers. “In 10 years, converting just 5% of those fields to include a rotation of Industrial Hemp will translate into 10-12 million acres of Industrial Hemp,” NHA Executive Director, Erica Stark, who oversaw the study, said in a press statement. Stark added that, in order to process a fiber Industrial Hemp crop of that scope using current technologies, more than 500 “decortication campuses” would be needed across the country.

About Hemp-Solutions, Inc.: 

Hemp solutions is a new private corporation headquartered in Nevada and incorporated in Wyoming. Hemp- Solutions, Inc. was founded by the former CEOs of two public companies to take advantage of a growing opportunity in the new Industrial Hemp market-place. More specifically Hemp-Solutions, Inc. is currently raising initial operating capital in a private placement and intends to attempt to take the company public in the future to allow liquidity for its initial investors. More detailed information can be found on the company website at or by directly contacting Mr. Frank Celecia, the CEO, using the contact information shown below.

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