Long Beach, CA / Well-defined pre-admission processes play an integral role in the operations of a medical detox and inpatient residential treatment facility. This approach is particularly important to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. For this reason, Gratitude Lodge adopted standard Covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety of patients, employees, and visitors. The rehabilitation center recently shared details of its protocols, which are in line with the stipulated guidelines. This approach enables patients and their loved ones to feel more comfortable about the safety standards implemented at the facility. Key components of the pre-admission processes include risk assessments to determine the Covid-19 status of incoming patients. This process entails ensuring that newly admitted individuals are fully vaccinated or isolate before admission. In doing so, Gratitude Lodge reduces the risk of transmission between patients, employees, and visitors. The center understands the need to adopt a carefully designed Covid-19 protocol to suit the rehabilitation needs of patients. It conducts comprehensive risk assessment and management of the safety protocols to ensure compliance with regulations. When handled correctly, this approach ensures proper treatment of patients without risking the health of everyone involved.  

Gratitude Lodge Treatment Center Covid-19 Protocols

According to the management team at Gratitude Lodge, the center offers in-house Covid-19 antigen testing to all newly admitted patients. The tests are mandatory, irrespective of the incoming patient’s status. Staff at the facility can determine the status of a newly admitted individual within minutes. These protocols demonstrate the facility’s commitment to safeguarding the health of its employees, patients, and visitors. By adopting these measures in line with regulations, patients can focus on rehabilitation without worrying about contracting the novel coronavirus. The protocols implemented at the facility form part of the best practices recommended for rehabilitation centers.  

Staff Training

Gratitude Lodge also understands the importance of training its staff about adherence to the stipulated protocols. Training programs augment other protocols, such as testing, regular sanitization, and routine assessments of patients at the facility. Dedicated staff members work around the clock to address any issues relating to Covid-19. These teams help ensure a quick response to any issues that may arise at any time of the day. Gratitude Lodge adheres to regulatory guidelines stipulated by various federal, state, and local authorities. The facility stocks adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed by staff members and patients. Training also helps employees familiarize themselves with steps taken during pre-admission screenings. This process enables staff to identify potential exposures and high-risk cases. All employees who work with patients possess first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification.  

Sanitary and Hygiene Practices

Regular cleaning and sanitization form part of core preventive measures implemented at the facility. Employees at the center understand the need to focus on high contact areas to ensure that the facility maintains the highest health safety standards. In addition, all residents at the center adhere to specific sanitary and hygiene practices to protect themselves and others. These protocols also include mandatory social distancing practices and the use of facial coverings in various areas of the center. According to Gratitude Lodge, these measures make it easier and safer to conduct group meetings, which play an important role in rehabilitating alcohol and drug abuse patients. Gratitude Lodge also takes advantage of digital platforms to conduct meetings virtually. Doing so maximizes the safety of participants.  

Regular Reviews of Internal Safety Protocols

The management team at Gratitude Lodge routinely reviews internal safety protocols to ensure that the health measures maximize the safety of residents. The most important aspect is that any individuals who test positive for the coronavirus can expect dignified treatment from the staff at the center. In such cases, staff implements isolation and treatment processes. These protocols form part of guidelines stipulated by health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state and local health agencies. Gratitude Lodge strongly believes that the coronavirus pandemic should not become an obstacle for individuals to seek treatment at an inpatient residential facility. The protocol review process enables the leadership at the center to determine whether testing and screening procedures yield the desired results. If not, they may opt to require two negative tests before considering reducing isolation periods. Thankfully, an ever-increasing number of people have undergone vaccination and can provide proof before admission. Nationwide vaccination programs enable rehabilitation centers to make informed decisions when admitting new patients. A wide selection of pre-admission screening plays an important role in maximizing the safety of residents and other stakeholders. All Covid-19 positive individuals isolate in dedicated ensuite rooms, which serve as welcome units for newly admitted patients. Gratitude Lodge also conducts regular temperature testing as part of the standard coronavirus protocols. Isolated patients can take advantage of solo entertainment options, such as gaming consoles, music, books, and television. They also benefit from personalized meal plans and therapeutic activities to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Additionally, isolated individuals can participate in group meetings virtually. Staff members provide emotional and administrative support around the clock.  

About Gratitude Lodge

The facility provides addiction treatment to individuals grappling with alcoholism, drug addiction, and other disorders. Over the years, the center has helped many patients begin their journey to full recovery. It offers access to premium amenities and highly qualified rehabilitation staff. Gratitude Lodge operates in Resident treatment facilities in Long Beach and Orange County, California. The center goes the extra mile to ensure that residents feel at home. For this reason, it maintains high safety standards. Residents participate in various wellness and health activities, which play an integral role in addiction recovery. The best part is that all residents receive maximum attention and support from a well-trained team of rehabilitation experts. Thus, patients benefit from the best-in-class recovery care that reduces the possibility of relapse. The center takes a holistic approach to treating mental health issues, mood disorders, and addiction problems. Its comprehensive rehabilitation strategies build a strong foundation for lasting sobriety and overall wellness. To book yourself or a loved one into our treatment centers, get in touch with us on 800-994-2184.   Contact: Alex Sadak, Director of Sales & Marketing Gratitude Lodge alex@gratitudelodge.com 800-994-2184 https://www.gratitudelodge.com/   Source: Gratitude Lodge