Gig work can be convenient for people looking for flexible work hours, who want to be their own boss, or who seek a better work-life balance. If you’re considering taking up gig work, here are some well-paying opportunities worth looking into.

Food delivery driver

When you want the flexibility to work around your busy life that offers the opportunity to earn as much as you want, food delivery can check off all the boxes. When searching for delivery jobs near me, you may find results ranging from over $10 on the low end all the way up to about $20-$25 per hour on the high side. Keep in mind, how much you make will vary significantly depending on many factors, including the company’s base rate, size of the orders, and how much the customer tips.

In-store shopper

An in-store shopper is someone who typically works with a large supermarket company to pick out items on a customer’s shopping list. You’re provided the customer’s order then walk the aisles of the grocery store gathering all their items. These gig jobs can be great for anybody with some extra time in the evenings or on weekends. According to Indeed, you can expect a pay range from about $15 to $20 per hour.

Dog walker/Pet sitter

Love spending time with pets? Become a dog walker or pet sitter and make money while you’re doing something you enjoy. This role may require you to be active and outdoorsy, and you’ll need to be comfortable working with breeds of all sizes, ages, and temperaments. Clients often require pet-sitting services after work hours or on weekends. This makes pet care a great side hustle for someone looking to earn outside of their school or work hours. You may earn between $16 to $25 per hour in this role.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is an e-commerce model where the seller purchases inventory as and when needed from a wholesaler or supplier. A drop shipper isn’t producing what they sell, nor do they purchase bulk inventory. A drop shipper markets and sells products, usually through an e-commerce platform, while the supplier fulfills the order. Drop shipping is a flexible business model that requires relatively low capital. It may work well for someone with creative marketing and problem-solving skills. Drop shippers may typically take home a median hourly pay of $15.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant remotely performs most of the administrative tasks that an office manager or administrative assistant typically does. As a virtual assistant, you’ll manage appointments, make business phone calls, plan business travel for other employees, work on data entry tasks, and more. You can also offer special skills like social media marketing, bookkeeping, or process optimization. Part-time virtual assistants may expect to earn between $12 and $28 per hour.


A landscaper’s job may involve elements of design planning, gardening, and construction, depending on the project, if you’re good with plants, and have an eye for garden design. Expect plenty of physical activity such as planting, potting, weeding, pruning, and yard work. If you have the expertise, you can take on larger projects such as installing irrigation systems, lighting, and water features. The median hourly pay for landscaping may start around $11 per hour, according to some job listings with

Online tutor

Whether you’re a math whiz, a history buff, or a language expert, online tutoring offers a way to put your knowledge and skills to good use. You can choose to tutor high schoolers, college students, or even ESL students of all ages. Tutoring offers the flexibility that most gig workers are looking for and a chance to pick up valuable communication and leadership skills. listings suggest the median hourly pay for tutors may be around $15, but could be more if the subject you teach is in high demand.

Gig work can pay well when you invest time and energy into finding ways to make it work for you. Talk to other gig workers and get their tips and suggestions on best practices that have helped them increase their earnings. You can also explore the apps or platforms you use and take advantage of any benefits they offer.

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