NEW YORK, November 9, 2021 — ComplyFly announced today that it has officially launched a first of its kind, website compliance reporting and remediation software. Developed as a legal monitoring software, ComplyFly detects missing website compliance requirements and provides specific code level implementation solutions. The software’s launch includes compliance implementation for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and industry specific Privacy Policy Requirements, among others

ComplyFly started earlier this year as a weekly CCPA-focused compliance report and newsletter for companies that needed legal updates on their website. After gaining popularity, ComplyFly has since expanded into a fully automated compliance reporting software for their users.  

“Understanding the technical requirements of compliance is not just important for website owners today—it’s mission critical,” said ComplyFly CEO, Dean Shapero. “Regulations have caused a massive knowledge gap between the legal requirements and the actual code needed to meet compliance standards. Our solution bridges the gap between attorneys and developers by analyzing a business’s legal requirements and providing code-level implementation instructions.” 

In addition to supporting website owners and developers, ComplyFly has expanded its reach by engaging in strategic partnerships with agencies as part of a larger marketing effort to rapidly expand its user base.

“Compliance with privacy, accessibility and other new regulations have never been more critical for our clients,” said Stone Street Partners Managing Member, Jay Gleason, a ComplyFly agency partner. “Lawsuits targeting small business websites are on the rise, so it is absolutely essential that our clients are paying close attention to the constant legal changes needed for their website.”

ComplyFly is continuing to expand its compliance reporting solution for increased coverage of additional regulations. The company is excited for additional releases, which includes ensuring that a business’s data collection practices are in accordance with it’s own privacy policies to prevent potential fines. 

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About ComplyFly

ComplyFly is a compliance reporting and remediation software company that detects website compliance requirements and provides code-level instructions on implementation. Its mission is to help small and growing businesses ‘put compliance on autopilot’ by providing the specific lines of code that can be implemented directly into the HTML of a website.