In addition to reducing fatigue and stress brought by life, massage chairs also have the ability to increase blood circulation, improve sleep for the elderly. Currently, the massage chair market is very diverse in both models and brands. Many people who want to buy massage chairs also face many difficulties. Therefore, people should refer to more experiences of buying massage chairs to draw on selection criteria suitable for families. Many products at the address:


Experience buying a massage chair must know

1. Understand your needs

To avoid waste, one experience of buying a massage chair is that you should clearly define your purpose and needs, thereby deciding on the functions of the product. Product quality often comes with the price of the product, if you choose to buy a device with a function beyond your needs, you will lose money and not use it.

On the market today, massage chairs have two main uses: health protection and beauty. What are your main needs when buying a machine? On the other hand, the subject using the chair is also one of the very important notes when buying a massage chair. For example, subjects are people who work a lot of limbs, muscles tend to be strained or those who have to regularly sit and stand in one place, causing back pain, headaches, neck pain. That means you are in need of a multifunctional massage machine equipped with massage modes in many different places. If you choose a server for the elderly, you should choose a chair with gentle massage mode combined with infrared heating to enhance pain relief effectiveness.

2. Pay attention to the features of the chair

The massage chair features besides helping you relax, feel more comfortable during use, it also enhances the level of the chair. Some modern massage chairs are equipped with back-wall sensor technology to help homeowners save space and safety during use or light-emitting LED technology, music speakers connect Bluetooth with electronic devices. smart, control panel at the seat body,…

In general, the massage chair line will have 3 basic features including: roller massage, vibrating massage, air bag massage. According to the experience of buying a massage chair for many people, you should choose to buy a chair with many modes and diverse exercises, both relaxing massage and therapeutic massage to be able to use with many different subjects.

3. Leather outer material

The climate in Vietnam is quite hot and humid, so the leather upholstery of the massage chair is also an important ingredient because if bad leather material, peeling can occur. One of the experiences of buying a massage chair is that you should choose a chair line as a synthetic material that offers many advantages such as anti-fading, anti-fouling, easy to clean, high humidity, not much affected by the grave. foul, as well as deformation or cracking problems.

The leather material used today is usually simili leather, PU leather, synthetic leather and real leather. However, along with real leather quality, the experience when using is very excellent, the price is relatively high. For the majority of people using massage chairs in our country today or choose chairs with PU leather material. According to previous users’ experience of buying a full body massage chair, you should choose chairs made with PU or Synthetic leather to feel smoother during use.

4. Quality roller and massage chair airbag

60% of the overall quality of the massage chair comes from the roller in the chair, so this can be considered as the soul of a massage chair, because it is responsible for creating the core massage techniques. The main function of the roller is to detect acupuncture points and simulate massage procedures including: acupressure, acupressure, massage, squeezing, kneading, day, … combined with the rhythmic release of air bags like a pair the hands of a professional masseur help dispel fatigue. Depending on the premium and modernity of the chair line, the features of the roller will vary.


5. Warranty of the manufacturer

Warranty is also very interested in buying a massage chair. Many experienced buying massage chairs said that large import massage chair companies often have attractive and thoughtful warranty and maintenance policies. Do not buy cheap massage chairs that are widely sold for unknown origins because their quality is quite poor and easily damaged. Please ensure your rights by choosing the place that sells genuine long-term warranty massage chairs.

6. Choose a reputable brand

There are many full body massage chair products on the market that are manufactured from all over the world, so you should choose to buy a full body massage chair with reputable brands, not buy at unknown stores year old. Price is also an important factor, there are many high-priced chairs that are not suitable for your needs.

Should choose to buy ELIP massage chair

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All massage chair products of Elipsport sports group are covered by a free nationwide warranty, supporting the replacement of components during use. Buy a massage chair: Ghe massage.

Through the above article, we hope to provide you with enough information about the massage chair buying experience you need to know. ELIP full body massage chair with a huge engine, intelligent features to help reduce stress, stress, and anxiety; eliminating excess body fat; prevents dangerous and painful diseases, supports better blood circulation and stable blood pressure. Hope you will soon choose to buy a suitable massage chair at Elipsport Sports Group.