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According to the market leader in custom high performance outdoor courts, DreamCourts, the trend towards luxury backyards had been developing for some years but has been accelerated by COVID-19 lockdowns and the millennial taste for extravagance.

With travel mostly off the table for Australians and many spending extended amounts of time at home in lockdown over the past two years, DreamCourts says people have been increasingly keen to create their own backyard oasis.

Money saved from missed holidays has meant people are able to afford luxuries for their home and DreamCourts has seen a huge increase in people installing a backyard basketball court.

Key features of the new luxury backyards in Australia include a swimming pool, outdoor dining and lounging furniture and a home basketball court. As DreamCourts says, it’s all about getting the most enjoyment out of the home, both indoors and outdoors.

People now want to be able to enjoy their outdoor space all year around so they can feel like they are on a ‘staycation’. For cities like Melbourne that experience colder weather in winter, a swimming pool cannot necessarily be enjoyed all year around. A home basketball court on the other hand, can be used in both cooler and warmer months. Add a lounging area and fire pit into the mix and the space can be utilised throughout the year.

When lockdowns become a thing of the past, DreamCourts points out that a luxurious backyard will still be hot property. With the addition of a basketball court, backyard gatherings with family and friends are fun for everyone regardless of age and skill level.

DreamCourts backyard sports courts are built out of premium grade, interlocking tiles that can be built to any custom size or space. Featuring increased shock absorption with high bounce quality and noise reduction, the courts are hard wearing, UV resistant and quick dry with no puddling.

Customers can choose the type of sports court they desire for their backyard, including basketball, tennis, netball and multi courts which cater to a variety of sports.

To find out more information about a custom sports court or bastketball hoops and to get a quote, contact DreamCourts.

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