As far as caffeine goes, we all like to have it either in the form of coffee or Coke. So does Sprite have caffeine? Which is why, people like to fret when consuming any other drink that they fear might put them into an over-caffeinated state; and while we’re not here to quell your fears about shaking so much you end up busting a vein.

we’re here to tell you that not all carbonated drinks and offerings from The Coca-Cola Company are caffeinated; many of them are just carbonated and have flavors in them, nothing more. So, if you were wondering whether a can of Sprite was okay despite you chugging down 2 cups of morning joe, lets get into it: does Sprite have caffeine? And while we’re on the subject, does Sprite Zero have caffeine?

We realise that despite the fact that the labels and the listings under ingredients and nutritional information are there, we will have to walk you through the whole process and prove to you, without a shadow of doubt, that Sprite’s caffeine content is zero. And while you can always have a look at the chart back there, lets walk you through this topic and answer some questions like ‘does Sprite have caffeine’? and does Sprite Zero have caffeine and whether it is really the case that Sprite is caffeine free. 

Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

Coca Cola is black and has caffeine, and Sprite is not black but clear, so this must mean it does not have caffeine, right? Well, the analogy and the process might be wrong, but the end result is right. No, Sprite does not have caffeine in it, but you could have read that on the can or could have done a quick search on Google for that. The colour analogy has nothing to do with the caffeine thingy.

Fanta is orange and it does not have caffeine in it as well.  So, while the basic composition of all soft drinks is nearly the same (carbonated water, high-sugar fructose corn syrup), the basic variation is that of flavours and caffeine content; and this basically is what it means when people say a certain drink has a certain ‘kick’ to it.

Caffeine helps you stay stimulated and awake, which is why drinks like Coca Cola and Dr Pepper have got a kick to them that makes you stay awake. Whereas drinks like Sprite or Fanta are only carbonated water and flavourings; they won’t help you stay past 1 to complete your AP essay. 

What is Sprite Made Of?

Well, there is a reason why the two people who are supposedly aware of Coke’s secret formulae aren’t allowed to travel together on the same plane. But Sprite doesn’t need all that secrecy nonsense, apparently. Because after a quick search, you can pretty much get to the base of what Sprite is actually made out of; mostly carbonated water, along with a healthy helping of acidity regulators and whatnot. We’ll be listing down the ingredients below, but there is nothing in there that’s all hush-hush just like it is with the Coke guys. 

  • Carbonated water
  • Citric acid
  • Sweeteners
  • Sugar (whole lot of it)
  • Acidity regulator
  • Natural lemon and lime flavouring

That’s what Google has on Sprite, and frankly, we’re not going to argue on it, because it doesn’t taste like anything else is in there. So now you see, there is no caffeine in it. Coke’s own global website states that aside from Coca Cola itself, none of its other two products (Sprite and Fanta) include caffeine. If you stay awake after drinking any of these two, well, something’s wrong with you then, not the drink. 

Caffeine And Nutritional Content of Sprite

We’ve already established that there is no caffeine is Sprite, and as for the nutritional content, there’s again, not really much except for calories. Here’s the nutritional listing below.

  • 41 calories
  • 172 kilo Joules (kJ) of energy
  • 10g sugar
  • 14mg sodium

These are listed verbatim as you would find it on a can of Regular Sprite (no Zero or Sprite Cranberry) or Coke’s website, so there’s no omissions there. As for the caffeine content, zero. Nada. There’s no caffeine in Sprite or Sprite Zero, for that matter.

The nutritional content is what bothers many people who protest the growing trend of obesity; see the sugar composition? It shouldn’t be too much, is what the rallying cry is. Aside from the calories and sugar, it provides less energy compared to a similar-sized helping of any vegetable, plus the carbonated section of the drink means that stomach space is taken up by the gas. But the drink is pretty cool, right?

Has Sprite Always Been Caffeine-Free?

Many drinks have seen an evolution in their contents and flavourings over time, and Sprite too has seen a bit of a shift over the lemon and lime flavouring theme; however, the caffeine content has always been what it is today; zero. That is because unlike Coke, Sprite was never intended to be a stimulant or a drink to wake you up; much like Fanta or its Pepsi-touted contemporary 7Up, Sprite was always intended to be a social drink; a drink to have in hand when with people, or in company.

Also called a social lubricant, Sprite was something that was refreshing and something to wash your palette with; not something to gulp down and go on a homework binge. And so, while Coca Cola has gone through a lot of revisions, most notably having its cocaine deleted from it, Sprite has remained relatively unchanged as only the flavouring has evolved; caffeine content was zero back then, and is zero now. 

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Don’t Feel Like Sprite? Try These Instead

Its understandable to not like Sprite. Or if you don’t like clear drinks in general because then it looks like you’re just drinking water and you can’t be seen as a fun person anymore. Fanta’s way more fun like that, or pick up any of the crazy-coloured Mountain Dews instead; but there are always alternatives and substitutes to Sprite. We’ll try and list some of them based on the physical appearances of the drink and why it is usually consumed. 

  • 7Up: Always a safe bet. Don’t like Coke, drink Pepsi. Don’t like Fanta, drink Orange Punch. No Sprite? 7Up it is, then. But that is because it becomes a brand loyalty kind of thing; something that a few people do. But 7Up nonetheless is the number one alternative and substitute to Sprite. 
  • Lemonade: When in doubt, go natural. You won’t get the fizzy taste of Sprite, but the taste and the citrus punch will be the same. Plus, you can get them for 5 cents from a stall in a street, so, you know. There’s savings in it too.
  • Iced tea: Arizona Ice Tea. Many people look for iced tea when they can’t find Sprite or don’t want Sprite. Because it is essentially the same thing; albeit the absence of carbonated water, and the fact that Sprite is relatively unhealthier than an iced tea. Both serve the same purpose; refreshment, so yeah. Look into iced tea as a Sprite alternative. 
  • Sierra Mist: Yet another offering from the PepsiCo shelves, Sierra Mist is like 7Up’s younger brother who has been on the block for some time but isn’t as popular as his older brother. You can find them easily, and serve as a good substitute for Sprite. 

To Order With a 900-Calorie Meal: Sprite Zero Sugar

Just reverse the colours and make it all whitey; that’s de-sugaring for you, all thanks to The Coca Cola Company. But they have the nutritional information to back it up; whereas the regular Sprite has around 40 grams of sugar, the Sprite Zero Sugar has none; 0 grams.

The nutritional information on the package of Sprite Zero Sugar also states the same; that there is no sugar in it. Absolutely none, which makes it the healthier option out of regular soft drinks. Sprite Zero Sugar is yet another product in a long list of Coca Cola products with the ‘Zero’ suffix; intended to be Sprite’s version of Coca Cola Zero and Fanta Zero Sugar. These were all introduced to combat the issue that health groups had with these soft drinks; that they were making the country obese and fat because of their sugar content. 

But there’s an irony to it; we don’t know if its something just reserved for comedy movies or just for memes, but many times, you will see an obese person order a pretty hefty meal, pause and then go for the diet Coke. If it is just a meme thing, then it needs to be corrected, but we’ve seen too many fast-food joints with coolers stacked to the top with diet products to say otherwise. 

Is Sprite Really As Unhealthy As Claimed?

Sugar, when consumed out of moderation, gets harmful if you aren’t burning as much calories as much as have been consumed. This is because these sugars are converted into fats when not being used, contributing to obesity. What’s more, too much sugar consumption can lead to an imbalance in the blood sugar level, long-term disturbance in which can result in diabetes, which is the number one problem affecting obese people worldwide. 

While Sprite isn’t at the helm of all this, it is certainly among a group of drinks that have been linked with causing such issues among people. And while it isn’t just the sugar content in Sprite and other drinks that has become the point of contention, its what gets the health groups most riled up. Sugar is one thing, and then all those calories. Because Sprite and other soft drinks are something that don’t make a person feel full, you will continue to eat food despite having put in all those calories. 

So, yes, while Sprite does not bear most of the brunt of being unhealthy, it still is part of a group of drinks that are considered unhealthy due to their sugary content.

Does Sprite Make You Gain Weight?

Soft drinks and drinks with high sugar content have been conclusively linked to obesity, not just because of their propensity for a person to consume more food, but also because of the fact that a regular-sized serving of the drink will allow for way too much sugar consumption, one that isn’t as much noticeable as you would have in solid form.

This means extra sugar consumption, which is in turn converted to fat to be stored in the body. When this sugar isn’t consumed and the fat isn’t burned down, a person starts to eventually get fat, which leads to obesity.  So, while one could argue that a drink every now and then with adequate exercise isn’t all that bad for your physical health, regular consumption of soft drinks like Sprite have caused not only obesity, but also other health problems.

And again, this isn’t due to the occasional can of Sprite, this is when the local supermarket knows you’re going to return for another case of Sprite after the 12 pack has run out in a week. That’s when Sprite will be causing you health problems.

Commonly Asked Questions

Some Question that people ask with regards to soft drinks like Sprite

Q1.How Much Sugar Does Sprite Have?

For a 100-gram serving of Sprite, you get basically 9 grams of sugar, which is a bit on the high side for a drink.

Q2.How Bad is Sprite For You?

Sprite isn’t all that bad for you. Again, the principle of overconsumption needs to be applied here. Overconsumption of something as basic and crucial as water will result in problems, so Sprite isn’t something that should be drank daily. A tin every now and then, like two in a month is perfectly safe.

Q3.Does Sprite Zero Sugar Have Caffeine?

Sprite Zero Sugar DOES NOT have caffeine in it, just like regular Sprite.