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Production of new vehicles comes to a standstill

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 11th, 2021 – The lack of availability of semiconductor microchips has caused the market of new and used vehicles to fluctuate. Prices are going up for used cars due to the obstacles the semiconductor shortages are manifesting for the worlds manufacturing supply chains of automobiles. Aside from the reduced availability of new cars, the trade-in value for older vehicles increased about twenty-one percent for the month of March according to Edmunds. Car shoppers can benefit from this scenario confident their trade-in values will be higher, however, the same unexpected chip shortage is causing the price of the average used vehicle purchase price to increase.

Semiconductor chips are also a primary component of electric vehicles which are becoming increasingly more in high demand. “This dramatic change in the marketplace will encourage car owners to maintain their vehicles at an even higher quality,” says ACV Digital Auction Manager, David Long. The shortage is affecting all aspects of the industry. Instead of relying primarily on trade-ins from consumers upgrading to new cars, Dealers are spending more time online seeking out pre-owned vehicles to replenish their lots.”  JilCat Proline is a game changer for these dealers.


This engine lubricant is distinct from others because it uses a patented hydrocarbon technology which will not allow foreign substances like sludge to attach to metal surfaces, decreases metal ware, significantly increases fuel range, and decreases component heat. The additives in Jilcat reduces friction and removes foreign substances from the metals, in CVT’s, transmissions and all types of engines. “Our products can reverse clicking, rattling, knocking and other symptoms that happen with sludge buildup quickly and effectively. This is important because dealers cannot afford to turn their once “profit center service drives” into “repair shops,” says Director of Business Development, Gene Daughtry. If dealers are putting out higher mileage vehicles the risk of that happening increases exponentially.”

With JilCat’s Professional Line of products dealers can feel confident they are putting out the highest quality pre-owned inventory possible. An electrostatic process purifies the engine by removing rust, corrosion, sludge buildup and carbon, and the JilCat Proline products are free of Zinc, Mercury, chemicals, and dense metal particles.

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The technology in JilCat Products was engineered for aerospace, tested in professional racing, and used by our military. Now dealers across the nation are experiencing products that deliver what they claim, and that saves them money. In fact, a dealer in Chicago recognized the products touting “Yes, I have heard of JilCat, it’s the product line driving the prices of auction cars up. Now that known CVT issues are being fixed by JilCat’s supplement sellers are getting more money for them!”

While the chip shortage issue doesn’t appear to be resolving itself anytime soon, dealers and consumers alike can feel more secure buying and selling knowing there is a product line that offers both engine issue correction and protection available to them.


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