Casify AI, a new feature based on ChatGPT within the Casify case management system, rapidly searches and finds information in police reports, police body cam and car camera video, law enforcement audio, and interrogations of suspects and witnesses.

What used to take the attorney hours to read, listen to and view the case evidence can now be accomplished instantly with Casify AI.  Our Casify AI feature scans the audio, video, and written files and provides the information you seek, instantly.

No more listening to endless audio chatter or watching frame-by-frame videos to find the valuable information you seek.  Casify AI  maximizes your time spent in case analysis and gives you back valuable time the defense attorney gains for preliminary case review, pre-trial case preparation, and other vitally important elements necessary for your client’s defense.

What’s best is that now you can ask questions about your case, like the ones below, and receive concise and precise answers.

  • What is the punishment for the charge?
  • Is this charge a wobbler under the law?
  • Is this charge an 1170(h) sentence?
  • Is this charge a Strike offense?
  • Is this charge a Serious or a Violent felony under the law?

Casify’s case management system revolutionizes how you store, access, and secure your client files. Casify was designed by criminal defense attorneys for criminal defense attorneys.  Our mission is to deliver a case management system that is designed around the criminal defense attorney.

Casify is easy to set up and simple to operate in the office, in the fast pace of the courtroom, or anywhere access to client files is needed.  Once an audio or video file is uploaded, Casify automatically transcodes any audio or video file, allowing for playback on your computer, tablet, or other electronic device.  Once transcoded, Casify will instantly provide a transcript of that audio or video file at the touch of a button.  Playback of the audio or video file is done on your electronic device, anytime you want to hear or view the file, from anywhere.

With Casify’s AI feature, we have reinvented how you review your case data, examine your case evidence and prepare your client’s defense.  Tell Casify AI what you are searching for, a phrase, a word, a name, or an item of evidence, and Casify AI searches every nook and cranny throughout all of your case evidence —in written reports, audio files, or video media. If what the attorney is searching for is in the case file, Casify AI will find it, instantly.  Gone are the days of an attorney searching through the case evidence, a search that could have taken hours to complete.  That search is now accomplished in moments with your Casify case management system with its included Casify AI feature.

Casify and Casify AI give you back your valuable time and simplify mundane tasks so you can focus on the important and valuable aspects of defending your client.

Casify takes you into the future and beyond. You upload your PDF documents, video recordings, and scans. You are much more efficient in court. Then you can use ChatGPT to ask questions.

Designed by attorneys who needed this system for themselves, Casify helps them win cases and defend their clients. Have your documents at your fingertips, then get AI to help you.

Interested? Email [email protected] and ask for a webinar recording or to set up a demo.

About Casify

Casify is a pioneering technology startup specializing in integrating advanced artificial intelligence solutions into legal processes. Guided by founders Ian Ferguson and William Ferrier, Casify’s mission is to simplify and enhance legal practice, providing professionals in the field with the most innovative tools available. Their latest product, CasifyAI, promises to bring a new dimension to evidence analysis and case strategy formulation.

Press Contact:

William Ferrier
Founder, CEO
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 949-981-4560