Conversation to Highlight Emerging Opportunities in Sports Monetization Today and Opportunities for Investors

New York City (October 28, 2021) – Catapult announces its Investor Series focused on Sports Star Monetization in collaboration with  The panel of athletes, retired players, industry experts and more will debate where emerging opportunities lie for both athletes and investors and how to access them.


EVENT:   (US/EU Markets)

Wednesday November 3, 2021- Start Time:  U.S. 4:00 PM ET /EUROPE 9:00 PM CET

This will be a fully interactive Live Stream event, not a pre-recorded video. “It’s as close as one can get to being there in the room.”  The panel will drive conversations on new emerging trends of great significance to the athletic community and astute investors -as fortunes are being shifted and new platforms and tools are emerging which is expected to dominate in the years ahead.

Topics of discussion will be centered on:

  • Why players incomes are not optimized by the status quo
  • How players and fans can be connected far more intimately and directly, while still operating at scale with happier fans and players alike as an outcome
  • Where opportunities for the astute investor lie as a result of these trends
  • Leveraging proven technologies to create new benefits and openup a market still in its infancy
  • The benefits of leveraging deeper relationships between athletes and their fans
  • Offering Players the chance to take care of their financial futures whilst still working in collaboration with their managers and promoters

“With new financial trends re-shaping sports monetization this means good players can tap into an almost infinite revenue sources as opposed to the traditional setup which forces them to compete for a limited budget,” commented Houston Ross, Founder of Playaz4Playaz.

The virtual events will offer insights into emerging opportunities to create sustainable revenue streams for athletes, by connecting them deeper with fans and look at how this can present investors and other stakeholders clear insights into where the emerging opportunities lie in the athletes monetizations and brand management sectors today.


EVENT:   (US/EU Markets)

Wednesday November 3, 2021- Start Time:  U.S. 4:00 PM ET /EUROPE 9:00 PM CET


About Catapult

Catapult helps business owners grow to success. Through our unique 7-step model, backed by 20 years of road-testing, and fitted with a crew of highly experienced super-coaches who are keen to think outside the box… nothing is left to chance.



Playaz4Playaz was developed to help athletes with a roadmap to master their brand development and growth, by redefining their social media presence and all-important interactions with fans, followers and networks, providing multiple opportunities for athletes to monetize their brands.

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