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NEW YORK ( OCT. 19, 2021) – Marianne Halvorsen, the founder of Kontaktsource, developed a leadership program created during the COVID-19 pandemic to help launch students’ careers while also helping her own start-up business grow in an unstable job market.

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The leadership program highlights the importance of building students’ confidence, creating meaningful connections and expanding career opportunities. Students make connections that matter with finance professionals in a time of virtual events and safety protocols. “What matters is making powerful and real connections that help transform results to everyone around you, including yourself,” said Marianne Halvorsen.

The leadership program has developed, been tested and accelerated success throughout the global pandemic. For the past year and half, six student teams have completed and created significant results for themselves and Kontaktsource. Over 60 virtual events and in person were planned and coordinated in Miami, NYC, Chicago and over 100 video and branded content were shared throughout the social media platforms that included a following increase of 100%. Also, with the creative minds of students, Kontaktsource launched it’s VIP community app in 2021 to more easily connect the private equity and investment bank community in support of deal flow.




The Kontaktsource program is designed into a game with three phases: Educate, Execute and Elevate. As the students play the game, they gain clarity, confidence and build valuable experiences and connections for their future career. Students build their resumes and set themselves up for future success.

“This 90-day leadership program allowed me to tear down all of the barriers around myself that made me feel nervous for the future,” said Katie Nugent, a summer 2021 intern. “Marianne brought out my inner confidence and prepared me for my career path.”

About Kontaktsource: Kontaktsource creates unique networking forums to support private equity deal flow and origination. Kontaktsource connects hand-selected active middle market private equity, family, office, independent sponsors, lending investment banking professionals. These connections are made in an intimate and inviting environment designed for engagement.abtlar

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