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The Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey is the most comprehensive analytical resource for reviewing and setting law department compensation

New York, NY – June 21st – ALM Intelligence is excited to announce the collaboration with Legal Operators and UpLevel Ops for this year’s Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey (LDCB). The LDCB Survey is the most comprehensive analytical resource tool for reviewing and setting law department compensation.  This year we will be collecting compensation data for legal operations positions in addition to the nine in-house management and non-management roles.

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with Legal Operators and UpLevel Ops. This year’s Law Department Compensation Benchmarking survey reflects Steph and Colin’s legal ops expertise,” said Michelle Matroni, Research Manager & Compensation Research Lead at ALM Intelligence. “Collecting data for legal operations roles will allow us to provide an even more comprehensive view of in-house law department compensation for departments to benchmark against.”

The survey runs until August 13, 2021. After that, ALM Intelligence will aggregate the data for reporting and analysis purposes, and all information will be kept anonymous. The report will help measure a department against comparable departments and will provide a meaningful baseline against which one can evaluate the equity and competitiveness of the compensation system currently used. Among the numerous methods in which ALM Intelligence uses the data from this survey is to pair it with the partner compensation survey, highlighting the disproportionate compensation gap that often exists between the buy and sell sides.

“I cannot overstate the significance and importance of taking part in an industry survey on compensation and benchmarking,” said Colin McCarthy, Founder, Legal Operators. “The results will serve to empower participants to benchmark their own compensation with other industry peers in like positions and gives them permission in negotiating for a salary they deserve and gives companies a real-time view on how the market is behaving so they can respond accordingly and pay a fair wage if they want to be competitive.” 

“The very core of legal operations is data, which gives us the ability to make data-driven decisions.  But it’s not always readily available,” said Stephanie Corey, UpLevel Ops Co-Founder. “With our field being a relatively new one, we don’t have a lot of survey data out there on legal ops compensation, and I’m so glad ALM has taken the initiative to help collect and publish this information, which will be so helpful to us all.”

If you would like to participate, please go to: https://alm.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_00zZnOAL2UVBp9c

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