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Crime movies and criminal TV shows tend to consume great part of what the whole viewer network enjoys.

Criminal television has become a trend recently with a vast crowd that enjoys watching this genre. Also, people patronize crime stories out of curiosity. Watching such genre increases awareness but at the same time, renders entertainment. In this essay, I am going to discuss the impact that crime movies and criminal TV shows have on society at large.

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Among the wide selections of Vuuzle.TV genre, is crime. Vuuzle has included different crime movies, classic to new, for its viewers to enjoy without any subscription fee!

Take a look at this amazing collection of crime movies:

soul patrol


Dead Woman’s Hallow



Dead Woman’s Hollow is based on a true crime that took place along the Appalachian Trail. Two female students set off for a camping trip in the Pennsylvania woods and are hunted, shot and left for dead by a mountain man after he discovers they are lovers.

The movie adaptation of Dead Woman’s Hollow never settled for slasher status as it is preferring to hint at its horror — building its suspense slowly. As the isolation of the two women, who are the main characters, sets in, the scenes in the woods became intense.

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Serial Killer Culture Episodes 1-12


Serial Killer Culture is a true-to-life crime web series featuring intimate interviews and behind door discussions of real serial killer culture and true crime. Each episode has distinct topics such as the artworks, letters, and final marks of famous serial killers. The series includes 12 full episodes you can enjoy for free, anytime, anywhere!

Watch Serial Killer Culture Episodes 1-12 on Vuuzle.TV!


Watch Here: https://vuuzle.tv/search/serial%20killer%20culture

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Written by: Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Public Relations Specialist

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