Everyone should keep essentials in their vehicles, like insurance information and a first aid kit. However, some extra supplies could go a long way for food delivery drivers. Even if you’ve found the best food delivery app to work for, spending hours in your car or traveling to unfamiliar locations may feel daunting. Fortunately, the right supplies could help. This article can help everyone, from new drivers to seasoned pros, stay safe on the road and keep their customers happy.

Phone Charger

It’s no secret that a charged phone is a must-have on the road. Food delivery apps for drivers tend to use a lot of battery power. If you get lost or have car troubles, the last thing you want is a dead phone. To ensure you’re never stuck without a working phone, keep a phone charger in your car and keep an eye on your battery. Having to stop to recharge your phone could cost you time and money.

Phone Mount

Safety is your most important responsibility behind the wheel. With a dashboard or windshield phone mount, you could safely receive new orders and use your phone’s navigation app without taking your eyes off the road. Companies produce a wide range of phone mounts, including magnetic options that make it easy to grab your phone as you leave your car and even some with built-in chargers.


If you make deliveries at night, a flashlight’s essential. While your phone may have a built-in flashlight, it may not be strong enough to help you navigate the winding walkways up to your customers’ front doors. Operating your food delivery app while using your flashlight may also prove tricky and awkward. Flashlights also come in handy if you have to pull over and take a look at your car’s engine at night.

Sticky Notes

Some delivery drivers may stack orders and manage several people’s deliveries simultaneously. Restaurants often label meals on the receipt, but that’s not always easy to find when you’re on the go. Mixing up your deliveries leads to confusion that could frustrate you, your customer, and the restaurant. Before you pull out of the restaurant parking lot, use sticky notes to help you label deliveries and keep you organized along your route.


No one likes getting caught in the rain or shivering in the car because their clothes got wet. A decent umbrella could keep you and your customer’s order safe from the elements. You may consider investing in an umbrella that packs up small. That way, you could easily store it in your car’s console or glove compartment.

Insulated Bags

Insulated bags help keep your customers’ orders warm (or, in some cases, cool). Many food delivery companies offer drivers one or two free insulated bags. However, you may want to purchase specialty bags for foods like pizza or bags with a larger capacity. Keeping deliveries at the appropriate temperature could leave your customers more satisfied, earning you more tips.

Cleaning supplies

When you’re delivering food, spills are inevitable. With the right supplies, they don’t have to slow you down. You don’t need much. Paper towels or rags, an all-purpose cleaner, and a stain stick could protect your clothes and car interior from coffee, ketchup, soy sauce, and other foods notorious for their stains. Other options include wet wipes, a handheld car vacuum, and sponges, but the basics alone could make a big difference.

The Bottom Line

While working as a food delivery driver is often rewarding, it comes with unique challenges, too. Investing in the best tools makes it easier to navigate those challenges. The right equipment could organize your workflow, keep you safer on the road, and help you prepare for the unexpected.

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