Technology has made it easier than ever to start a home business. Now you can start a business from the comfort of your home and make money from the convenience of your laptop. Check out these five technologies to help start your home business.  Internet Connectivity  A home office can now provide most of the connectivity of a large company without the costs associated with the ownership of physical office space. A website will give your company or home business a presence and allow customers to hire your services, shop and connect with you. Home phone service providers now offer separate business lines using VoIP protocols that work over your phones, computers and tablets and use the internet to connect.   E-Commerce  Many businesses are moving to e-commerce platforms so customers can shop online and have products delivered to their homes. Many smaller businesses use e-commerce to create custom online boutiques for their products, whether they are running a small physical shop, dropshipping, or have handmade items to sell. Now anyone can start an e-commerce website with minimal skills, so small shops can create a nationwide audience.  Business Software  Thanks to the growth of e-commerce, software has changed to allow small businesses to access cloud-based platforms with features previously only available to larger organizations. Customer relation management software helps your business manage its relationship with your customers and often can handle customer interests, purchases, and marketing. Software as a service is a model of subscription-based software, which can reduce the burden of cost for expensive platforms like CRMs. With changing technologies, you can also now educate yourself on new software and emerging trends through affordable online education options that let you learn on your own schedule.  Social Media  Social media platforms allow your business to connect with potential customers all over the world. Even if your product or service targets a narrow niche, you can reach consumers through social media through your presence, posts, and advertisements. Ads can enable you to connect directly with people who may seek your product or service through targeting, cultivating loyal customers.   The economy is seeing an increase in home-based businesses because technology can now allow you to reach anywhere and serve anyone from your computer. By working from home, you can create your own schedule and opportunities without having to go to an office as well as develop your business in the direction you desire.