The film, television, and entertainment industry continues to be a very significant one that is enjoyed and appreciated by people all over the globe. While there is a lot of opportunity for success in this field, many will find that getting into it can be challenging due to the competition and process of turning an idea into final production. One company that has continued to offer great support to those in this industry is 108 Media, which continues to help support media and entertainment production across the globe.


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Support Helping to Release Films

One of the services that 108 Media can help with is guidance that comes with assisting in the release of films. This organization has been involved in the development, production, and release of various films that have played online and in full productions. Some of the top films that they have helped with include 100 Yards, Eerie, and The Long Walk.


108 Media Helps to Bring the Parties Together

The 108 Media company ultimately helps to bring parties together that are needed to create and improve these projects. For any movie or film series, there are a variety of different tasks that need to be completed. This includes finding producers, writers, developers, and distributors. They also can provide the connections that are needed to raise the capital necessary to turn the dream into reality.


Branded Entertainment

One of the growing services that 108 Media can provide is the support needed for branded entertainment. Live-action competitions and reality television shows have continued to be a popular form of media. This company has continued to help expand and grow the concept all over the world. They have given the guidance that is needed to take original programming in the United States and bring it to new markets throughout Asia.


Active Pipeline of Projects

Today, 108 Media continues to maintain an active pipeline of projects all over the globe. The company is actively working on several film and television series that are in different stages of the total production process. These projects are targeted to be released in major markets across the globe and will be available through several platforms.

Getting into the media and entertainment industry is a dream for many people. Those that are in this industry could find that getting their dream project across the finish line can take a lot of work and comes with various challenges. Those who are going to try and grow in this field should speak with the team at 108 Media as this company has a strong history and track record of producing top content all over the globe.